EarTrumpet Volume Control app for Windows 10

EarTrumpet for Windows 10 is a UWP app hosted on the Microsoft Store. By installing this app, the user can get a modern redesigned Volume Mixer in just one click from the system icons list. No matter what we use our computers, laptops or tablets for, it involves the use of sound in some or in another way.

If you are a developer, a gamer, or if you use your computer for office work or just to browse the Internet, you will be facing times when you have to toggle volume on your Windows 10 machine. For that, Microsoft has been providing the users with the standard volume control for a very long time in the system icons group. That volume control is the master volume control that works universally for all the applications playing sounds. Sometimes, users wish to control the volume of these applications individually. But fortunately, Microsoft got you covered here as well.

Volume Mixer in Windows 10

When you right click on the Volume Control icon and click on Open Volume Mixer, you see the Volume Mixer Control box open up.

No sound in Chrome

Now, getting here takes a bit more of a time than it should. But what if we can just do it with a click? This is where EarTrumpt hops in. It is a UWP app, so you can find it on the Microsoft Store, it is available for totally free of cost. This means that you get a full featured app and that too without any sorts of Advertisements, or limitations of services. Also, this app has been open-sourced and hosted on GitHub.

EarTrumpt for Windows 10

EarTrumpet for Windows 10 works on Windows 10 PCs running Windows 10 1803 and newer builds of Windows 10. What this app does is, it adds an additional Volume Control icon identical to the default Windows 10 Volume Control icon in the System Icons list. And by using it you can get all the Volume Control Mixer controls in a new Windows 10 Fluent Design and that too reachable in a single click. This is how the Volume Control center in the new design looks like.

Features in a nutshell:

  1. Controls default audio device with two clicks
  2. Controls classic and modern app volumes
  3. Supports moving apps between playback devices
  4. Matches the look and feel of Windows
  5. Integrated with Feedback Hub.

It is worth noting that this app is compatible with all the computing devices with a chip with an architecture of x86. This means, all the laptops, tablets and computers running Windows 10 1803 will be compatible. This also means that new low powered hybrid laptops and tablets powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors will be compatible due to x86 emulation layer present in the operating system’s architecture. As per the developer, the only device which is not quite compatible with the app is the Surface Hub. But Rafael is working hard to bring it in compatibility to the Surface Hub as well.

If you wish to download this app to your computer, simply head to the Microsoft Store and install it. If you wish to contribute to the development of this app, here is the link to the GitHub repository for your further references.

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  1. cmos

    Nice idea but there doesn’t seem to be a way to save audio settings. On reboot all adjustments return to default.

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