Spice up your Church worship with Songview for Windows 10

Churches around the world tend to use PowerPoint or other similar tools to display music to the coir. However, using PowerPoint can be time-consuming, and on the other hand, it requires the user to have a deep understanding of the program.

For the many churches out there, that are not too keen on spending a lot of money and prefer to have a tool that doesn’t cost a thing, well, they might be in luck. You see, we recently located a tool known as Songview, and from what we’ve gathered, it’s all about making it easier for churches to display music with relative ease and comfort. It’s not perfect by any means, but it works.

We like Songview because its great for not just showing song lyrics, but for presenting Bible texts, PowerPoint slideshows, and a lot more. It’s quite powerful and much better than we anticipated. However, it does require a learning curve, and from our point of view, PowerPoint is easier. Now, that might have everything to do with us being experts at PowerPoint; therefore, the final decision is left down to you, the potential user.

Songview for Windows 10

As noted above, it takes a while to understand how to use this thing. But once you’ve got your head around it, things get a lot easier. You can also check out the Help menu, but it’s not intuitive enough for amateurs, so that’s a problem right there.

1] Song Display

Songview for Windows 10

After launching the program, the user should see a window with several items at the forefront. From there the user can display new songs by clicking File, then Add File. Furthermore, clicking the Edit button will allow the user to make several changes to the text, well, that’s if you’re working with texts.

When it comes down to background setup, the user will need to click Setup. Doing this will switch up the setup mode in real time.

At the bottom of the window, then, the user will see a status bar that gives the status of the song, among other things. Additionally, songs can be selected from the tree or the selection window.

2] Song Manager

OK, so this feature is very important for users of the program because chances are they’ll be dealing with a ton of songs. Therefore, managing these songs will require some finesse, and the Song Manager can provide that.

In order to get to this aspect of the tool, click on File, then Song Manager. This should show a list of all songs, and from there, the user can edit them at will.

3] Add internet web pages

There might come a time when folks want to add internet web pages to Songview. And you might be wondering, well, what for? Well, imagine being able to add a YouTube clip without having to fire up a web browser? Yes, we know it sounds awesome.

In a sense, this feature is basically a web browser inside of Songview, and it works quite well.

We like what this tool has on offer, and we suspect others will too. There are so many things Church folks can do with Songview, too much to talk about in a single article.

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