SoftMaker FreeOffice: A Fully-featured Free Office Suite For Windows


  1. You forgot to mention the different document types it supports. Compatibility with other office suites is very important, well at least I think so. My point being that although I have tried it and love the speed and interface of Softmaker FreeOffice, I can not consider it an alternative to either MS Office (shareware), or LibreOffice which is freeware (open source). Reason being that Softmaker decided to hold back on supporting DOCX documents in their free version. To me that means bad compatibility with the rest of the world and therefor Softmaker FreeOffice is not an option. No DOCX support = No compatibility = No go.
    Sorry Softmaker..

  2. Yes, I missed to mention the file format the software supports. Free Office supports RTF and OpenDocuments as your file format. And can export documents to PDF format. It does read and write files in DOCX format but as you mentioned the feature is only present in its commercial version – Office2012.

  3. very good application like me.
    I recommend it.
    complete the installation and it works great.
    munchas thanks for the contribution.

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