Use Slide To Shut Down feature on Windows 8.1/10 tablets

Microsoft has give us an easy way to shut down the Windows 8.1/10 PC. Borrowing the idea from the Windows Phone operating system, Microsoft has provided for an even easier way to shut down Windows 10/8.1 tablets or touch devices.


The process involves SlideToShutDown.exe which is situated in the System32 folder. This Slide To Shut Down feature can be used with a touch device or even with a mouse.

If you wish to use this option to shut down your device, you will have to open your C:\Windows\System32 folder. Here you will find an exe file named SlideToShutDown.exe.slide-to-shut-down-windows Right-clicking it will allow you to Pin To Start or Create Shortcut on your Desktop.

Slide To Shutdown in Windows 10/8.1

Tablet users may find this feature more useful, if you create a Slide To Shutdown shortcut on the desktop or pin it to your taskbar. Give it a smart icon and pin it to your taskbar. Now when you want to shut down your tablet or touch device, touch this icon and the lock screen will roll down half way through the screen and stay there for around 20 seconds.

Slide To Shut Down on Windows 8.1

Pull it down to shut down your PC.

If you do not slide the screen down within the stipulated time, it will roll back up again.

The Slide To Shut Down feature in Windows 10/8.1 will work only if the hardware supports Connected Standby State.

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  1. Daniel

    if they have this in the system, why wouldn’t they include this at first, its just like wp!

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