Slack Tips and Tricks for managing small team chats

Operating a small team is not that hectic a job unless or until you get in touch with everyone in your group. There are numerous things need to be done. For instance, you can call them in your office, conduct telephonic conference, create a Facebook group and so on. But if you are looking for a clutter free team management service for any online or offline business, Slack is what you are looking for!

Though, Slack offers premium solutions, the free edition is just adequate for you if you have a team of 7 or 8 members. Now, if you have been using this service, you may know how useful it is. But, if you haven’t used Slack in the past and are looking for tips to use it, then these useful Slack tips and tricks may help you use this service efficiently.

Slack Tips and Tricks

Let’s just start with some basic tips and tricks of Slack following which, you can check out some advanced features of Slack.

1] Enable Browser Notification

As this is an instant messenger service, you should reply to the sender as soon as possible. But, you may forget about it once you start doing your tasks after minimizing the browser window. Therefore, you can enable browser notifications for Slack. If you open Slack for the first time, you will get a small message on your screen. Just hit the “Enable notifications” button to get things done.

Slack Tips and Tricks - Get Browser Notification

In case you have missed it, you can go to settings and click on “Switch to our recommended settings” button. Following that, you can change the notification tone as well.

2] Do not Disturb

Slack Tips and Tricks - Setup Do not Disturb

If you have enabled browser notifications and now you are just tired of getting notifications one after one, then you can simply snooze your notifications. This will get you the messages, but it will not notify you. There are two ways to enable Do not Disturb in Slack. First, you can snooze it for 20 minutes to 24 hours. Second, you can schedule the DnD. For that, just click on the Alarm Bell button that is visible next to the team name and select a time. If you want to schedule it, you can click on “Do Not Disturb schedule” option. After that, you have to set a time. However, make sure you have selected your own time zone while settings up the team for the first time.

3] Team Permissions

When you are the owner of a team, you should definitely take care of the security – mainly when it is being managed online. Slack offers plenty of options to manage the privacy of your team. In other words, you will get some options to let non-admins allow or block various things. For example, you can allow others to invite people, remove a member (not recommended), view statistics, share files externally and more others. For that, you have to open Settings and switch to Permissions tab.

4] Change Team Name & URL

Generally, people create the team on Slack with “My Team” name. But later on, they select the exact team name and corresponding URL. If the same has happened with you, you can change the team name as well as URL. But, the Team URL must be unique. Visit the following page to get things done. Here, you can change the name and URL:

Do not forget to replace abcd with your actual team URL.

5] Import/Export Data

Let’s assume that you want to delete your Team. If so, it is always a good practice to export your data from Slack, so that you can use it later. You can export messages, links to files, archived channels, integration activity log. It is not possible to export private group history/files, direct messages, and deletion logs. To do this, visit the following page:

Do not forget to replace abcd with your actual team URL. Here, you will get a button called Import/Export Data. Click on it and select whether you want to import or export. If you need to export data, just switch to Export and click on the Start Export button. If you want to Import, just select the source and go through the screen options. This can be done only if you are the admin of a team.

6] Transfer Ownership

Suppose, you are leaving the team, and you just want to make someone else the admin, who will manage all the things on behalf of you, then you can visit this page to get things done:

Again, make sure you have replaced abcd with your actual team name. Here you can find manage your team members and roles. After that, you will get the Transfer ownership option. Now, you have to choose a new primary member and enter your password.

7] Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor authentication is probably the best way you can protect your account. Slack also offers 2-step verification, which will create an extra layer of protection on your existing Slack account. However, all your sessions will be signed out after enabling two-factor authentication. To activate it, visit the following page:

Click on Setup Two-Factor Authentication button. Following that, you have to enter your password. Then, you will get two options i.e. SMS Text Message and Use an App. Use whatever suits you, but the SMS option is much better.

Slack Tips and Tricks

Choose that and enter your mobile number. Now, you will get SMS regarding this, which you have to enter on the respective page in order to activate two-factor authentication in Slack.

8] Call Any Team Member

Recently, Slack has included an option to call any team member. However, this is a VoIP call, which means you cannot call the person on his/her mobile. The member must be online to receive your call. Nonetheless, this is very easy to call anyone on Slack. Just open the respective profile and hit the Call button that is visible on your top right side.

9] Sign in to Multiple Teams

Slack Tips and Tricks - Sign in to Multiple Teams

Suppose, you manage more than one team on Slack. If you want to sign in to multiple teams, you can certainly do so. Just click on the team name and select Sign in to another team option. Following that, you have to enter your team name, email ID and password.

10] Change Sidebar Theme

There are many people, who often play with the interface. If you are one of them and want to change the simple look of the Slack sidebar, here is a solution for you. It is possible to change the theme. For that, just click on Team name and go to Preferences. Here, you will get Sidebar Theme option. Switch to that to select a new theme or color combination.

Slack is an ultimate solution for managing your small team. Do share your experience with Slack.

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