Sketchable is a wonderful Drawing App for Windows 10 users

Windows Store has a new drawing app Sketchable for everyone into art and digital journaling. This is a free and simple yet comprehensive app which provides the best creative digital journaling experience on your Windows devices. May it be an imported image, a clicked photograph or a blank canvas, Sketchable will let you customize your journals with extensive tools and features and put in your creativity options. It is a very simple and elegant app with a clean interface. Unlike other such apps, Sketchable comes with the power of DirectX acceleration which makes it load really fast.

Sketchable reviewSketchable review

Good app for for Digital Journaling

Developed by Silicon Benders, Sketchable is considered best suitable for journaling. With around 4000 unique covers, names and resolutions Sketchable helps you customizing your journal to the best. Easy importing, exporting and sharing with PSD export support makes it one of the best suitable apps for everyone into digital journaling. It comes with some pre-loaded journals and you can add a new one when needed. Sketchable also brings a set of drawing tool with eight custom presets per tool. The Color Picker and quick access to the Stroke Preview help you converting your image into a portrait style painting.

Features of Sketchable

  • Let you create journals with high resolutions with hard copy size up to 4000 on 64 bit Windows devices.
  • Color Picker- Simply use the color picker to select one or edit your image by adjusting the hue and saturation level.
  • PSD Export feature lets you share your work easily from your mobile device to a desktop.
  • Stroke Preview helps to make adjustments in an image with numerous control of each tool.
  • Sketchable comes with a resizable UI and includes two custom scale factors, one for each touch-based and mouse-based device.
  • It also includes a brush tool and an eraser. You can get some additional tools like chalk, pencil, marker and airbrush with the paid version of Sketchable.

The updated Sketchable 3.0 app comes with a new set of features which include

  • Symmetry- lets you choose between one or two axis and position them accordingly.
  • Masks- this feature lets you select a shape and mark off a section of the canvas.
  • Stencils- it helps to draw crisp lines or fluid curves.
  • Layers- You can now add 32 new layers, rearrange, transform or merge them.


Sketchable is a simple drawing app which requires no technical knowledge. Any user with minimal photo editing knowledge can easily use it and make out the most of it.  There are set tools for every drawing application including brush, paint bucket, color picker, color palette, magnification tool, scale and many more. Just tap on the icon and you can use any tool.

Overall Sketchable is a nice app which comes with a simple and elegant user-interface and a variety of useful tools. It is this is one of the best, if not THE best drawing app for Windows users and definitely worth trying once. There are free as well as paid version of the app available, where the later version comes with some extra features and tools. You can also purchase the tools separately if required.

Download it here and let us know if it meets your photo editing and journaling requirements.

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