Create & share single URL to open multiple links

While searching for an information on the web you often browse through various websites and find that the information you require is scattered on multiple sources. Now, in order to extract the information you have to make a note of different URLs, store each link somewhere in your browser or email. The tasks become more difficult in case you want to quickly share a list of multiple URLs with your friends through phone SMS, Twitter, Messenger, etc. Imagine the time you have to spend, sharing each URL one by one!

The best solution to overcome such tedious task is to create 1 single link for multiple URLs. With this 1 link you will have access to all the multiple links anytime. Also, it will allow you to quickly share the information with others. Here are a few free services which will allow you to create one URL to open multiple links.

Convert multiple URLs into Single

With BridgeURL you can input multiple URL’s and create a single URL. What is really unique with Bridge URL is that it creates a slide show from your shared links with sliders available left and right for easy navigation. Let’s say you want to create a single link for news sites, BBC and CNet.

Go to > Simply Give a TITLE (I gave BBC and Cnet News link) > List down URL for BBC news and CNet > Click on Create Link.

multiple URL's

After clicking on CREATE LINK, you get a short link for BBC news and CNet. Refer the screenshot.

multiple URL's


So, now when you open either of the above generated URL’s (link or short link) you get a slideshow link for all the URL’s that you have listed. By using the Prev and Next tab you can easily browse between your favorite URL’s.

multiple URL's


The only disappointment that you may come across with BridgeURL is that since it uses in-line frames to display the content from shared links there are certain websites such as Facebook, MSN, etc, may block this feature. So always test the bridgeURL you have created before sharing the link with others.

FatURL combines and display all links on a single page

FatURL is a free service from platform that enables you to forward multiple long or short URLs with just one single URL. You can then share this new URL with friends, add more URLs to it or delete it. Combining links in FatURL is easy. Just sign up and you can start generating single URLs.

Go to > and under Bundle list down all the URL’s > Click on create.

multiple URL's

You will see a bunch of URL’s that you can use as a single link. Just click on any of them.

multiple URL's

On clicking on any of the short link you will get a page displaying links to all the URL’s. Click on any of the link and you will see the page displayed instantly describing it as one of the unique feature that FatURL possess.

multiple URL's

MultiURL creates single link, allows for easy share with Toolbar

MultiURL allows you to combine multiple links into single, and then share them with Toolbar, Browse list and Random Link. Adding links at MultiURL is easy. Suppose you want to add webpages such as Bing, Windows Store and Windows Club in one link. Simply go to MultiURL website > Enter your Links > Name the fields > click on SUBMIT.

multiple URL's

As shown in below screenshot, with MultiURL you can share you link with a toolbar, a browse list or via a random link.

multiple URL's


MultiURL also allows you to advertise and view statistics to check the popularity of your single link page. However, like BridgeURl and fatURL, some websites may not function on MultiURL due to blocking of its inline-frames features. Hence do check your single link before sharing with others.

multiple URL's

So the next time you want to share multiple links with your friends, rather than copy-pasting all the links and making it messy and time-consuming, use one of these free web services to create a single URL.

This post will show you how to open multiple URLs or links at once in a single click.

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