Create single desktop shortcut to open multiple web pages in Windows


  1. In the graphic used above, it should have included the word start before each line except before @echo off

  2. That’s great thank you so much! And I do have the following questions. 1. At work, my company’s default Web browser is Explorer, and some of the pages I need are best opened with Google Chrome. Is there a way I can program pages to open up in Chrome? 2. each page opens up in separate windows; can this be programmed to open them up as a series of tabs in one single screen? Thank you in advance!

  3. If you are using Chrome, just create a bookmark folder with all the pages you want to open together. Then right-click the folder and select “Open All”. Easy-peasy.

  4. But would this method require Chrome to already be open…as opposed to opening web pages directly from the desktop ?

  5. How can I open them in a separate window of the current session?
    Also, would be very useful if I could save sessions on this shortcut…

  6. Thanks for the nice articla. If a webpage asks for user credentials, when loading, can they be passed via a batch command?

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