Simple DnsCrypt: Protect your web browsing from prying eyes of evesdroppers

DNS Spoofing is one of the most crucial security concerns these days. It is a form of DNS cache hacking where a corrupt DNS data drives all your web traffic to the attacker’s computer. Thus it is very important to protect your web traffic. While you can always mitigate the attack by using HTTPS, it may still leave some of the data unencrypted which further lets a door open for the attackers. This is where Simple DNSCrypt can help you out. Simple DnsCrypt will help you configure DNScrypt-proxy on Windows-based systems so that you can encrypt and secure your DNS traffic.

Simple DnsCrypt

Simple DnsCrypt

Simple DNSCrypt, a tool from the OpenDNS team helps you enhancing your internet security by encrypting your DNS traffic, thereby making it difficult for the spoofs to intrude. It locks the leaking VPN and the badly configured DNS. Besides enhancing your internet security, the software also corrects the mistyped URLs and speed up your browsing experience.

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The main overview featuring the primary resolver and a secondary resolver is uncluttered and simple with a modern interface. While it is a simple tool with a user-friendly interface and minimum configuration settings, one still needs some network security expertise and basic computer skills to use it.

Enable the primary resolver to encrypt your DNS traffic and if you want to get an extra layer of security switch to the secondary resolver. You just need to select the desired server from the combo menu to configure each of the resolvers here. All your network adapters are displayed on the top panel of the program’s main overview. You can enable Primary or the Secondary resolvers by clicking on the buttons on the bottom of the main overview.

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Simple DNSCrypt also features a plugin manager where you can manage your plugins:

  • Speed up on missing IPv6 plugin disabled waiting if the IPv6 connectivity is not available on your network, this further improves your web browsing experience.
  • Logging plugin helps you create a log of the DNS queries received by the proxy and store them in a local file on your PC.
  • Block addresses and domain plugin returns a REFUSE response to all the blacklisted domains and IP addresses.

Overall, Simple DNSCrypt is a useful application for computer savvies who want to encrypt their DNS traffic and enhance their domain security. The application undoubtedly comes with a modern interface but requires some advanced computer skills to use it.

You can download it here and get a secured DNS.

Take a look at DNSCrypt too, another free tool to encrypt Data from Computer to DNS.

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