Battery shows being charged but battery percentage not increasing

If your computer is showing charger being plugged and yet the battery percentage is not increasing, it could just be a case of software malfunction or the battery may be too old and might be charging too slowly. It is also possible that the charger itself is faulty and you may need to replace it. This article looks at the problems and offers some troubleshooting tips when it is showing charging, but the battery percentage is not increasing.

Showing charging but Battery percentage not increasing

Showing charging but Battery percentage not increasing

Sometimes restarting the laptop may fix the issue. Simply shut down your laptop while still in charging mode. Restart and see if it helps. If not, follow the given methods. One of them might work for you if your battery percentage is not increasing.

Hard Reset the Windows 10 device

Soft reset is where you use the Reset This PC option to reset your Windows 10. But we are not resetting Windows 10 OS here. We are resetting the device that is running the operating system. It is called hard reset.

To hard reset the Windows 10 device-

  1. Unplug the charger
  2. Turn off the laptop
  3. Open the backside of the machine and remove its battery
  4. While keeping the battery away from the machine, press and hold down the device’s power key for at least 30 seconds to discharge its capacitors completely
  5. Put the battery back into the slot where it goes
  6. Turn on the device
  7. Plug in the charger

See if the above steps helped. If it is still showing charging but the battery percentage not increasing, you may want to check the next method.

Uninstall the battery device driver and reinstall

It could be a case of the faulty or damaged device driver. A reinstall might fix it.

  1. Unplug the charger
  2. Open Device Manager from the WinX Menu
  3. Expand all the entries in the Device Manager
  4. Expand Battery
  5. Click Uninstall for all the Adapter or Battery entries you see there
  6. Your computer will ask for confirmation, and you just press Enter key
  7. Once the device driver for the battery is removed, restart your computer
  8. On restart, come here again, right-click on Battery and select Scan for Hardware Changes
  9. Your computer will automatically search for the the battery device driver and install it.
  10. Plug in the charger and see if the problem is fixed.

Battery percentage not increasing

You may want to check your charger as well. If you can, get another charger from a friend or a store and see if changing the charger helps. If it does, good. If it doesn’t, it could be a case of broken Windows 10 that can be fixed by running Reset This PC option from Settings.

If none of the above methods work, the battery may be damaged. Consider replacing it.

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