Shortcut Scanner will Detect and Delete dangerous Shortcuts in Windows

Every time we install a software on our Windows PC, a shortcut is automatically created. While we uninstall and remove the unwanted software from our PC, the shortcuts could still remain there. These unwanted, useless and broken shortcuts not only clutter your PC  but can be dangerous too. Eavesdroppers may use these broken shortcuts to transmit malicious codes on your PC. Thus it becomes very important to keep an eye on the broken shortcuts and remove them as soon as possible.

Locating the broken and useless shortcuts on your PC is practically not feasible and this is where we need a Shortcut scanner & remover software.

Shortcut Scanner for Windows

Shortcut scanners are the third party software which scans your PC, trace and detects all the hidden shortcuts which can be dangerous.

What are Broken Shortcuts

These are the residual files left after uninstallation of a software. Broken shortcuts are not harmful but should be removed as they unnecessarily occupy the space on your PC.

What are Dangerous Shortcuts

Dangerous shortcuts denote the shortcut virus on your PC where the malicious codes are turned into shortcuts which are otherwise impossible to locate or detect. The shortcut virus once entered in your PC infects the boot-up segment and gets activated once your PC starts. The virus multiplies and gets worse with every illegal download from the internet. These viruses are dangerous and should be removed from PC instantly. In short, shortcuts which contain arguments or malicious codes are sent into the dangerous category.

PhrozenSoft has developed a simple and straight Shortcut Scanner which comes with a very easy and user-friendly interface and works well on your Windows PC.

Shortcut Scanner for Windows

This software scans all your PC drives and detects the broken as well as dangerous shortcuts – both removable and local ones. The program also lets you select a specific drive for a detailed scan. It takes less than a minute to scan your entire PC and detects the dangerous shortcuts. The shortcuts are listed as

The shortcuts are listed as .Ink files along with their location on your PC. It categorizes the detected shortcuts into three categories namely- Dangerous Shortcuts, Suspicious Shortcuts, and Broken Shortcuts

Delete dangerous shortcuts using Shortcut Scanner

Dangerous shortcuts are displayed with a title saying, “Shortcuts that require attention”. While you may or may not overlook the broken shortcuts you should immediately delete the dangerous ones.

Download Shortcut Scanner here and check if some dangerous or suspicious shortcuts are hidden somewhere on your PC.

Here are some more freeware to fix or remove Broken Shortcuts in Windows.

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