How to share Google Calendar with anyone

Google Calendar is a popular tool that helps you to manage all schedules, tasks and so on. As it is available for mobile and can be synchronized with some other calendar apps, users can get full advantage of using this tool. One of the best features of Google Calendar is that you can create sub-calendars for different purposes.

Now, suppose, you are working with a few people and you would like to let them know about your schedules. Obviously, you can email them – but Google Calendar is always a good option to opt for. There are several advantages of using Google Calendar over others. First, you can edit your schedules. Second, you can let others edit their timings. Third, it is portable and you can use it from anywhere.

However, to let others know about your schedules, you must share Google Calendar with them. You will get several options to customize the preference and privacy.

Share Google Calendar with anyone

It is very easy and not much time consuming. However, you have to use the web version to share Google Calendar with anyone. Also, you must have to know the email address of those people in order to share it.

To begin, open the Google Calendar and create a new one. If you want to share an existing calendar, there is no need to create a new one.

Just click on the arrow that is visible next to the calendar name under My calendars. Here, you can find Share this Calendar option.

Share Google Calendar with anyone

Click on that option. Now, you have to enter the email ID and select a role for him/her. This email ID should be a Google account.

Share Google Calendar with anyone-2

You will get four options or roles:

  1. Make changes AND manage sharing: If you select this option, the user can make any kind of change in your calendar. At the same time, he/she can remove anyone from the sharing list.
  2. Make changes to events: This option holder can only make changes in the event but won’t be able to manage the sharing.
  3. See all event details: If you select it, the person will be able to see all the events in your calendar but cannot make any kind of change.
  4. See only free/busy: This option will allow users to see whether you are free or busy. Nothing will happen other than that.

So, select the role wisely and hit the Add Person button. Now, if you want to remove someone from the sharing list, you can use the Trash can icon that is visible on the same page.

Share Google Calendar with anyone-1

That’s it! Hope this tiny tutorial would be helpful for you.

The Windows 10 Calendar app is another good alternative to Google Calendar.

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