How to setup Dual Monitors in Windows 7 easily

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  1. michael walker

    Thanks Kool Key Bind 😛

  2. Bharatmax

    Its cool.”Ubuntu” does this way.

  3. Mike Muta24

    i am having troubles getting duplicate these displays to show, i have windows 7, and im conencting my pc to my lcd tv using an hdmi cord, ive updated my graphics drivers but to no avail, the option does not show. its either i extend the displays or show the monitor, or show the tv…any help would be greatly aprpeicated

  4. Mayk Chedelic

    My display setting doesnt have a multiple display option. only display, resolution and orientation. i have a gpu and connect the 2 monitor on it. 1 in vga and 1 in hdmi. but when i open my pc and go to the display settings, the multiple display setting doesnt showup. please help me i want to use a dual monitor for some purposes. thanks in advance.,

  5. Mayk Chedelic

    same problem here.

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