How to setup Dual Monitors in Windows 7 easily

As Microsoft also says, Dual Monitors are better than single monitor sometimes. You can use 2 monitors in Windows XP, Windows Vista as well as Windows 7. And in Windows 7, this procedure to setup dual monitors is very easy. Microsoft has provided 3 good features for those who use dual monitors.

Those features are:

  1. Users can duplicate the same content viewable point in both monitors. In this feature, users can drag any content to the second monitor and vice versa.Mirrored-desktop-display in windows 7
  2. Users can extend the visibility to another monitor- open 1 program on one monitor and another one in the second monitor.Extended-desktop-display for windows 7
  3. The user can close the first monitor and switch completely to the second one. This one is helpful for Laptop users as sometimes they don’t want to view anything from their Laptop screen and want to view on the much bigger sized external monitor.External-desktop-only-display in windows 7

Set up Dual Monitors in Windows 7

Method 1: By Keyboard Shortcut:

dual monitors in windows 7 in keyboard method

You can press Windows Logo Key + P in order to setup dual monitors. Here you will get all the above said three options as well as the default “Computer Only” option.

Method 2: By the “Screen Resolution: Method:

1: Right click on any empty area of the desktop and select Screen Resolutiondual monitors in windows 7 in screen resolution method2: Now click on the “Multiple displays” drop-down list, and click on Extend these displays, or Duplicate these displays.setup dual monitors in Windows 7If you can’t see the Multiple Display drop-down list, then click on Detect. If it does not work, then restart your PC and again follow the step 1 and step 2. Post comments here, If you find any difficulties to setup dual monitors in Windows 7.

Do remember that before starting the procedure, you should connect the second monitor to your computer and do not forget to power on the monitor.

These Dual Monitor Tools for Windows 10 lets you manage multiple monitors easily. This post shows how to set up dual monitors in Windows 8.1/8.

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  1. michael walker

    Thanks Kool Key Bind 😛

  2. Bharatmax

    Its cool.”Ubuntu” does this way.

  3. Mike Muta24

    i am having troubles getting duplicate these displays to show, i have windows 7, and im conencting my pc to my lcd tv using an hdmi cord, ive updated my graphics drivers but to no avail, the option does not show. its either i extend the displays or show the monitor, or show the tv…any help would be greatly aprpeicated

  4. Mayk Chedelic

    My display setting doesnt have a multiple display option. only display, resolution and orientation. i have a gpu and connect the 2 monitor on it. 1 in vga and 1 in hdmi. but when i open my pc and go to the display settings, the multiple display setting doesnt showup. please help me i want to use a dual monitor for some purposes. thanks in advance.,

  5. Mayk Chedelic

    same problem here.

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