How to set up a Kodi Remote Control in Windows 10 using Android and iOS devices

Kodi is a popular streaming app compatible with Windows operating system and most of the other devices like Android, iOS, Linux, etc. Kodi is ideal for home entertainment and is basically designed to use with the big screen. If you want to set up Kodi on your Windows desktop, you need to use mouse and keyboard to navigate around. Keyboard and mouse are the sought after way to play, pause or close your favorite Tv shows or movies in Kodi installed for Windows laptop.

However, there are other convenient ways to control Kodi navigation in Windows laptop. Kodi allows you to set up a Kodi remote with smartphone something similar to a TV remote controller to easily navigate through the software.

Kodi has its remote app that can be installed on smartphone devices like Android or iOS, which helps to move around on large- screen desktop. In this article, we step you through configuring a smartphone remote for Windows 10 Kodi.

Set up Kodi Remote Control on PC using Android & iOS

Install  Kodi on Windows Desktop

  • Download the Kodi installer from the official site here.
  • Open the downloaded file and click Yes to continue the installation.
  • In the Kodi Setup Wizard that pops up, click Next to continue
  • Click “I Agree” button to confirm the License Agreement.
  • Choose the components to install and click Next.
  • Browse and pick the folder where you want to install the setup files.
  • Click the Install button.
  • Once the installation is complete, click the Finish button.

Setup Windows 10 Kodi Remote

Before configuring the smartphone as  Kodi Remote, you need to first configure Kodi in Windows and make sure it is prepared to connect with a remote control app on your smartphone. Follow the below steps to setup Kodi Remote in Windows.

  • Launch Kodi and click on the gear icon at the top of the page.
  • Select Settings and click on System Information.
  • Make a note of MAC address and IP address which is required to configure the remote-control app in your smartphone.
  • Now navigate back to Kodi’s Home.
  • Click on the gear icon at the top of the page and Select Settings.
  • Navigate to Service Settings and select the option Control.
  • Under the Web server, enable the option Allow remote Control via HTTP.

Under the Application Control, enable the option Allow remote control from applications on other systems.

In the Service settings, you have the option to create a new username and password. However, we recommend you to use the default username and retain the same password to avoid connectivity issues. Once the configuration is done, your Windows is ready to pair with the remote control app.

Configure a Smartphone as Remote for Kodi

The Kodi remote control app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Follow the below procedures to configure Kodi Remote for each of them.

Setup Kodi Remote on Android

Kore is an official remote for Kodi which is simple to use and lets you control your Kodi TV right from your Android device. The Kore app lets you play the movies, change the subtitles, manage the current playlist, and control the usual playlist as well as manage them with much ease. Additionally, the Kore app can be used to clean and update Kodi as part of the library maintenance.

Download the Official Kodi Remote app for Android device here.

On your Android device, open Kore app.

  • The app displays the Setup guide.
  • Click on Next to move to the configuration mode.

In the manual configuration mode, give the necessary system details which you had noted earlier like IP address, Mac address, username, and password.

  • Click on Test, and the app automatically connects to the Kodi.
  • Tap on Finish to use your android device as a remote control.
  • Tap the arrow keys and center button on your remote app to navigate to Kodi menus.

Yaste app is another Kodi Remote alternative to Kore app, which can be used to manage and control Kodi remote center. Download this app here.

Setup Kodi Remote on iOS

The Official Kodi remote is a simple app to manage and control the Kodi media Center. It lets you control Kodi’s volume, play, albums, songs, etc. It also displays music cover and movie poster where available. Additionally, the app is used to manage multiple Kodi instances and allows to browse the files directly.

  • Download the Official Kodi Remote app for the iOS device here.
  • On your iOS device, open the Official Kodi Remote app.
  • Click on Add Host option and fill the system details like Description, IP address, port, Mac address, username and password which you had noted earlier.
  • Tap Save and the app automatically connects to Kodi. You can now use your iOS device as Kodi remote.

Tap the arrow keys and center button on your remote app to navigate to Kodi menus.

That’s all.

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