How to install & setup WordPress on Microsoft Azure


  1. Great tutorial. Thanks a lot for bringing it up.
    I have a query regarding configuring wordpress for updates. it is asking for web server FTP or SSH credentials which i dont know where to find. can you help with that?

  2. $ sudo ufw allow in “Apache Full”
    ERROR: Need ‘to’ or ‘from’ clause
    sudo ufw allow ‘Apache Full’
    adds the rule

  3. Very good article.
    Huge (positive) difference between running WordPress on an Azure instance of Ubuntu compared with the appalling default WordPress AppEngine.
    PITA to set it all from scratch, again, but well worth it in perfomance terms.

  4. hi. thanks so much. i just can’t access it via public IP address. what could be the cause? DNS? what dns do I have to point at public IP address? the DNS of the virtual server? sorry a bit of a noob in this

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