How to install WordPress on Windows PC


  1. Thanks, and sorry for being unfamiliar. Do you mean it’s for when you host your own WP and the PC should always be on? What will the domain be like? Does it have to be a registered domain? Can I use a domain name I already have for my site? Do I need to know PHP and MySQL? Is it natural to be daunting for somebody like me who’s never done that?

  2. Hello Sudiq, Thanks for dropping by… It is a plug and Play software for WordPress. Just install it and you are ready to go. As mentioned in the article, PHP and MySQL comes along with the package, so you need not configure anything on your own. Again, This is not for production environment…And only for development/testing purposes ( for example themes, plugins, frameworks you can check here before you go live on server)… You CANNOT configure domain name etc with this set up… I wish if it had that capability. In order to run this continuously on your Windows machine you can run a daemon process… Let me know if you want instructions for it..

  3. Hello I need help I have a website but It seems that with this Install wordpressz that it gives you ”another website”? I want to use the website I have already and have the ”extra plugins” and ”themes” and stuff like that please help! I tried to download the wordpress alone itself from but my computer gave me the option to compress the archieve.. and I did it but I didnt know what to do after… what I do to get what I need? My e-mail is

  4. Hi there,
    I am amazed that WordPress can be used on a PC without WAMP. One of the best and unique articles I read about WordPress websites.

    Thanks for sharing your professional experience.

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