How to send text message from Windows computer using Skype

The advent of the smartphone has enabled us to easily type messages from the comfort of our onscreen keyboard. One can send SMS text messages to any text-enabled number or to a Skype contact that has one of these numbers saved in their profile. Whenever you send an SMS text message from your Skype account, your Skype name will be displayed as the sender’s name on the recipient’s device.

Skype Credit is a great way to pay for various Skype products and to enable Skype features that aren’t free.

Send text message from computer with Skype

First things first, for sending texts from your computer using Skype you’ll need to have a number to send them to. If you already have the mobile number contacts added to the Skype profiles no need to add them additionally.

If not, you can add a number to each of your contacts’ profiles. To add a phone number to a contact in Skype for Windows desktop:

Open Skype application.

Right click on a contact in your CONTACTS or RECENT list, then click View Profile.

Under their Skype Name, click Add Number:

add number

Next, enter in the field their number and check the box to save the change.

The number won’t be added to your contact’s public profile; it’s for your use only.

Having done this, change the delivery method from instant message to SMS.

To do so, simply switch between Skype instant messages and SMS (above your instant message box) as the way to deliver your messages.

deliver message

Sending texts to groups from your computer with Skype.

Readers with a good eyesight might have noticed “via Skype/SMS” option flashing above the instant message box in group chats. It offers a quick and easy way to send out a text to a group from your computer. It requires Skype credit for this purpose.

If any of the contacts in the group have numbers and others don’t, your message will be sent via SMS to those with a number on their profile and the others will be able to read the message in the group by signing in to Skype.


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  1. Apn

    Hi Community,

    I was wondering if someone can help me out with my query.
    I am using a panasonic tough pad which has 4g sim slot, by which i am able to browse and get data to a specific software.
    I was wondering if i would be able to receive SMS to tablet ?, so that if 4G or 3G data is inaccessible i can get details via SMS messages(such as Address or phone number).
    I won’t be having a smart phone during the operation of tablet and removing screw’s and sim putting into a phone is not at all feasible.
    No whatsapp or similar Apps(MySMS/Pushbullet) can be installed
    No Phone can be synced to the tablet
    It will be really surprising to find if microsoft have not yet figured out how to achieve this.
    Hope someone can help me

    Thanks in advance

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