How to send feedback or complain about Windows 10 to Microsoft

Windows 10 comes with an app from Microsoft which you can use to send feedback, problems, and even search for existing reports to get an answer. In this post, we will talk about Feedback Hub, and learn how to complain about or send feedback about Windows 10 to Microsoft.

What is Feedback Hub

It’s a central place which all Windows users are encouraged to use to send their feedback. It also acts as a central repository to find out if anybody else has the same problem, and if somebody has provided a solution or workaround. In the end, it helps Microsoft to improve your Windows experience.

complain about or send feedback to Microsoft about Windows 10


  • Allows you to upvote if you find similar feedback or reports.
  • Attach Screenshots or recreated the problem to help the company and others know the real problem.
  • A search box is available right away to find about your problem.
  • Filters and sorting available to find new threads easily.
  • Intro to collections. You may find your feedback merged into a collection of similar feedback.
  • The Upvote option next to feedback entries so you can add your voice without needing to file duplicate feedback.

Send Diagnostic Data to be sent to Microsoft:

Feedback Hub allows you to send full feedback if you choose to send your diagnostic information which will help diagnose problems on your device. To enable this, follow the steps below:

  • In the Feedback Hub, look for a gear icon. Its the Settings icon.
  • Under Diagnostics section, tick the following:
    • Save a local copy of diagnostics created when giving Feedback.
    • Save a local copy of Windows Errors.
    • Show Advanced Diagnostic Feedback.

More on Microsoft Diagnostics here.

Send feedback to Microsoft about Windows 10

Search for Feedback Hub in your App list, and launch it. Once the app loads up, you will have to sign-in with a Microsoft account. We would suggest using the same account which you are using on your PC.

Post this, you should see a brilliantly organized Feedback section with all FeedBack listed in one place, and your feedback section to hold all your feedback. Now, let’s add a Feedback.

  • Look for Add New Feedback button (blue colored).
  • In the next screen, you will have to fill in details about the Feedback. Feedback can be a suggestion or a problem.
    • Add brief or exhaustive details about it.
    • Next select category, and subcategory. So if you select apps, you will get a list of possible apps to choose.
    • The next thing feedback hub will ask you is a Screenshot or attach file for reference or Recreated the Problem.Feedback Hub windows 10
  • While screenshots, and attaching file is very simple, Recreating a problem is an interesting option. It will ask you to redo the steps and record the whole event.
  • Once complete, submit the feedback.

How to recreate your problem in Windows 10 using Feedback Hub

When you clock on Record my suggestion/ recreated my problem, it will ask you to share diagnostic data of that particular app, and also include screenshots of each step.

Send Screen recording using Feedback Hub in Windows 10

When it starts recording, it will turn red, and with every mouse click, you will see a red dot. This gives you an idea when the screenshot is being taken. Click on the Stop Capture button when you are done.

Screen capture for recreating problems Feedback Hub

Post recording, you get to see and analyze what has been captured before you finally send it to the team. You can remove it if you have accidentally sent any sensitive data, and start over.

Send Screenshots Diagnostic data to Windows 10

Click Submit, and you are done!

Find if your problem has been reported already, and upvote

The chances are high that your problem has been already reported by someone. It’s always a good idea to search for your problem or suggestion before creating a new one. Even if you report it again, Microsoft moderators will merge it with an existing report which also has been upvoted by many others.

  • Open Feedback Hub, and in the search box, type your problem or suggestions and hit return.
  • In the search results, look for feedback similar to yours.
  • You can use the sorting tools to filter, and for best results, make your query specific, and the same as you had faced it. The more specific your search query, the better chance you’ll have of displaying feedback like yours.Up vote Existing Problem in Feedback Hub
  • If you find the exact one, upvote it, and add your data as well to help those who are looking at it.  During your reply, you can also add a screenshot, attach file and also recreated the problem, along with your text.

IMO, its the best tool on Windows 10 for troubleshooting your problems, and report it instantly.

More and more users should use it to send it to directly and look for problems that have been faced by others.

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