Security threats in Smart Devices and Privacy Issues


  1. You need to read the dates on articles you steal. it’s Feb 2016 not Feb 2015. Nuance “naturally speaking” is the third party. Hell the Samsung article even made the news about being recycled FUD.
    Bandwagon is full of tech writers with no fact checking or idea how to report.

  2. You should have read the post to the end. I never mentioned any dates. This article is about security in smart devices (Internet of Things) and I used Samsung issue just as an example. If you know more about the Samsung Issue, let us know so we can fix it – after fact checking. Also, the Nuance Dragon tech is used in TV. But it does not imply that the third parties in question are indeed Dragon. It is not specified anywhere (or I could not find it). If you have a link, please share it with us so that we can update the article.

  3. Steal? What’s with the dates? FUD? 😛 Please be coherent. This is not a news report but an article about Security threats in Smart Devices and Samsung has been used as an example.

  4. Anybody want to buy a used Samsumg TV, cheap? I have come to realize that all Samsung products are complete crap anyway; just stay away from them.

  5. This is a good article bringing awareness about the possible security threats that can be faced by the users of smart devices, if they are unaware and careless in using them. The author has done a nice job by alerting us.

  6. Here, here! If many of TWC staff and readers were that bored or that hungry for attention, between us just by demonstrating our code and tech knowledge full-strength we collectively would eclipse an army of trolls. Cheers to Anand, Arun, and all TWC contributors/readers of good will!

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