SearchMyFiles helps you search for files & folders faster on Windows PC

One of the things we like about Windows 10 is the ability to easily search for all files on the computer, but not only that, search the web as well. We have to say, Cortana is great for situations such as these, but what if we don’t want to use the default option? That’s fine because there’s a software out there known as SearchMyFiles.

SearchMyFiles for Windows PC

SearchMyFiles is an alternative to the built-in Windows Search module. Its helps you search for files & folders faster. And as the name suggests, this is all about searching for all files on a Windows 10 computer, so don’t go in expecting to search the web. It comes with some neat features, and it allows for searching for files in ways that are not possible via the default search function.


Users should realize how the small the file is. It’s barely over 100 KB, to be honest, yet, it does so much of what we want. It’s not perfect or super advanced, but it works, and that’s what is most important here.

Now, after installing and launching the program for the first time, users should come across the user interface. Let’s not mince words here; this thing is not good to look at. The design is awful, but if you’re just about searching for files, then it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

If you’re out looking for eye candy, then we promise you, SearchMyFiles won’t win any awards in that department, and won’t excite you either. For folks who just doesn’t care, SearchMyFiles  from Nirsoft is a powerful tool that must not be passed up on.

Searching is easy. Just choose from the Search Mode drop-down menu to determine how you’d want to the program to react whenever a search query is typed in. You can use the Standard Search, Summary Mode, or even search for duplicate files.

SearchMyFiles 2

It’s possible to search within selected folders via the options below the Search Mode. Here we can exclude folders from search, or even certain files. If you can’t remember these details, then maybe you can remember the size of the file, so there’s an option to search base on that factor.

We could even search for a file based on the time it was created, modified, and accessed. It’s quite awesome, although, many of these features are designed for the advanced user. If you’re not, then we recommend using the default search function in Windows 10.

Overall, SearchMyFiles is a solid Windows search alternative tool that does everything it the developer says its capable of. We didn’t come across any viruses or anything else that break the software. As Tom Howard would say, “It just works”.

Download SearchMyFiles via the official website.

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