How to search on a web page in any browser on Windows

If you wish to find or search for a specific word or phrase on a web page, while browsing with your Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or any other browser on your Windows PC, then follow this simple procedure.

Search on a web page

When you have opened the web page in your browser, simply press Ctrl+F keyboard combination to bring up the Find bar. On Internet Explorer, you will see the following options. Once you have typed in your phrase, they will get highlighted on the web page if they are found.

find or search text on a web page ie

You also have the option to set the Find bar to Match whole word only or Match case.

Similarly in Opera, you will see the Find in page bar. Pressing Ctrl+F in Chrome too, will bring up the Search bar.

Firefox offers you the following different ways to search the contents of the current web page for text, words or links.

1] Click Ctrl+F to open the Find in page bar, type the search phrase in it.

Search on a web page


Firefox will highlight the phrases if they are found. Use the Up / Down keys to browse the web page for the found phrase. If nothing is found, you will see the Phrase not found message.

2] Press the / (slash) key to open the Quick Find Bar.

firefox quick find

You will see the in the button left side of the browser. This Quick Find bar is useful for quick searches and will automatically disappear after a while.

3] To find phrases that occur in web links, press the (single quote) key to bring up the Quick Find (links only) bar.

Search on a web page firefox

Typing text will select the link that contains this text. To highlight the next link, press Ctrl+G.

4] Firefox also lets you search as you type, without having to open the Find bar.

search type

To enable this feature, click Menu > Options > Advanced > General tab and select Search for text when I start typing. Press Ctrl+G or F3 to highlight the next result.

Hope this helps.

Check this post if Ctrl+F does not work.

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