Screamer Radio is a decent Internet Radio app for Windows PC

It’s not certain how many folks are still listening to radio due to the rise of YouTube and other music platforms. If you’re still one of the few people who listen to the radio regularly, you might want to give internet radio a try. For the most part, it’s much better than regular radio in terms of quality but bear in mind that whenever the internet is no longer in service, everything goes to the dogs. If you’re OK with that, then you’ll enjoy this new radio tool we came across recently that is called Screamer Radio.

We must say, installation is very easy, and not to mention, the user interface is easy on the eyes. Understanding how things work doesn’t take a very long time since all the radio stations are listed right before your eyes.

Screamer Radio Internet Radio app

It should be noted that the list is very small; therefore, you might not locate your favorite channels. Now, since most traditional radio channels are on the web, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get the URL to add your favorite channels to Screamer Radio.

1] Open Stream URL

Screamer Radio Internet Radio app

Here’s the thing, if you want to play your favorite radio stations that are not a part of Screamer, then you’ll have to locate the official stream URL, copy it, and paste it here. Simply click on File, then Open Stream URL, and after that, paste the URL and hit the green button that says Open.

2] Add New Stations

You’ll want to add your favorite stations to this app, so what’s the best way to do it? Well, click on File, then the option that says Add New Station. From there, you’ll need to add the name of the station, description, and the stream URL.

If you want to learn how to locate a stream URL, simply follow the steps in the video below and everything should work out just fine for you.

3] Settings

OK, so the Settings are is more or less of what one would expect. Here the user will come across options to alter the user interface and how playback is done. If you’re interested in automatically stopping the radio from playing after 10 minutes of muted playback, then this is not a problem.

Not only that, but users can resume playing the same station after a cold boot, and that’s nice from our point of view.

To make things more visual, Screamer Radio can show a system notification when a track is changed. Furthermore, if you’re interested in seeing an album art, then simply select the option that shows arts from Google.

There’s truly a lot to see here where the Settings is concerned, so we suggest taking your time to go through everything to get a deeper understanding of what it brings to the table.

4] Audio

Since this is an online radio streaming app, it’s safe to say one of the most important aspects would be the audio. You see, by clicking on the Audio tab, folks will have the option to turn on the Compressor, or adjust stereo separation. Hey, it’s nothing significant, but it’s good enough.

Overall, we find Screamer Radio to be an OK experience, and that’s due to the limited radio stations available. Not everyone wants to go through the trouble of locating a stream URL, but at the same time, it means Screamer Radio is less bloated than many of the competition. Download it here.

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