How to Schedule or Stream Live events using Microsoft Streams

Microsoft Streams is a video streaming tool in Office 365. Consumers use it to deliver studio-quality Live video events across their organization. In addition to broadcasting, they can monitor audience engagement in real-time. In this guide, we will share how to schedule/stream Live events using Microsoft Streams.

Schedule Live events using Microsoft Streams

There are two parts here. First is to create and schedule, and the second is to stream the Live event. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

  1. Create and schedule a Live event
    • Open Microsoft Stream portal
    • Create Live Event
    • Assign permissions & invite people
    • Save
  2. Stream Live event
    • Find the RTMP server ingest URL
    • Setup the encoder with the URL
    • Hit start event button

1] Creating & scheduling Live events using Microsoft Streams

  • Launch your Microsoft Stream dashboard, choose ‘Create’ and select the ‘Live event’ option.

Microsoft Streams Live Event link

  • Fill in necessary details under Event Setup when ‘Details’ pane opens. Details include name, description, and event date/time.
  • These details will be used to generate an automatic preview for end users.

How to Schedule or Stream Live events using Microsoft Streams

  • Now, select the permissions pane to choose individuals whom you would like to provide access to the video.
  • When configured, the options will take effect soon after the event is complete. Choose the ‘save’ button to save your Live event.

Invite people for live event

2] Streaming your Live event using Microsoft Streams

  • Under Encoder setup, choose “Configure manually” under Select encoder drop-down.
  • Next look for an RTMP server ingest URL. It is available at the bottom end. Copy it.

Setup Encoder for Microsoft Streams

  • Next, go to Produce Controls, and click on Start Setup button.
  • When the setup is ready, paste the server ingest URL into your encoder to start sending the Live encoder feed to Microsoft Stream.
  • At this point, you should be in a position to see the producer preview update. Click on Pre-Live to view the setup. 

Producer Console

  • Next, select ‘Start event’ if you are convinced about the setup.

Start Event button to make an event live

  • After the event starts, audience members can view the event.
  • To end the Stream event, click the ‘End event’ button on the producer controls. The action when confirmed will conclude the event and make the content immediately available for VOD.

End button to conclude an event

It is essential to mention here that you should end the event in Stream before stopping your encoder. If you fail to do this or do the opposite of it, an error message is displayed before viewers.

Note: An RMTP server ingest URL is a Real-Time Messaging Protocol source from which data can be taken and consumed instantly. In our case, video you are streaming is available for immediate use through the server ingest URL.

We hope this guide made it easy for you to under how you can schedule/stream Live events using Microsoft Streams. For more information, visit

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