Scan for lost disk space in Windows with MeinPlatz

Are you running short of storage space? This is the question which you always have in your mind while saving data or while transferring data on your Windows PC. Today,  storage space is one of the major issues that haunt many of us. Irrespective of whether you work as an individual or in some small-scale organization, shortage of space is always a critical problem to deal with. While purchasing a hard disk, you are very much aware that in a few months your PC again runs out of space.

MeinPlatz is a portable free Disk Space Analyzer software that is meant to discover the lost space on your system and save disk space. MeinPlatz which literally means “My-Place” is a fast and smooth running software that scans your computer for the lost disk space. It scans your computer and then lists the files and folders down along with the space they occupy.

MeinPlatz_1The graphical user interface of the application is quite simple and easy to use. You just need to select the folder/drive/partition. All the information regarding your selected item is quickly displayed on the screen. Then you can analyze the number of files it contains or how much space it is occupying. Besides this, you can also sort the result by different ways, depending upon your requirement. It may happen that there are few files or formats which you don’t want to include in the scanning process. For this, you can mention that file or format in the ‘Exclude’ section of the page.


Features of MeinPlatz

  1. Magnifier: MainPlatz includes as a Magnifier. So everything that is on the screen can be made bigger in appearance.
  2. Information: File size, number of files present in the folder, etc. is shown.
  3. Export: Results are exported in a stand-alone, file with different format like CSV, TXT and HTML etc. which can be reviewed later.
  4. Printing is also possible, with Print Preview.
  5. Grouping: With MeinPlatz grouping of file based on their file extension, modification size etc. can be done very quickly and effectively.
  6. Portability: Apart from being free, the software is also portable.

MeinPlatz really proves to be very helpful for people who usually have to deal with the problem of shortage of storage space. With this software they are able to save disk space by scanning the whole computer and searching the lost space.

MeinPlatz download

Click here to download the freeware.

Disk SavvyDisk Space Fan, Better Directory Analyzer, Space Sniffer and Saleen File Pro are similar software that may also interest you! So will the new Disk Footprint Tool in Windows8.1 which will let you carry out several tasks pertaining to Disk Space usage.

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