Save & print list of start-up files in Windows with Startup Discoverer

Startup Discoverer is a portable freeware application, which lists start-up file & program locations and allows you to save and print them. It can be very useful when troubleshooting Windows.

Windows Startup Discoverer

Startup Discoverer

Save & print list of start-up files

When Microsoft Windows based operating system starts, it auto-loads programs from different locations.

Startup Discoverer will list these programs category-wise. This list then can be saved as a text file or printed.

The main interface has 19 categories that you can click on to get the auto load programs for each category. The blue category label means that these are auto programs; black label means empty categories. You can also click on “Show all runs” button to list all the auto loads from all categories.

An important feature is that you can save a list as a text file and to print the list to the default printer.

Visit its Home Page to check it out. It works on Windows 10/8/7.

Go here to see how to Print a list of Files in Folders.

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