How to save all Tabs as Bookmarks in Edge

When you have a lot of tabs open, but have no time to read, its best to bookmark them. If you are using Microsoft Edge, we will show you how you can save all Tabs as Bookmarks in Edge. There are two ways of doing it. One is the direct way, while other is using ‘Set your Tabs aside’ icon to the left side of the tab bar. Its a workaround but has an advantage.

How to save all Tabs as Bookmarks in Edge

At times you really don’t want to save as favorites but want just to keep it aside. You aside all your research work, and after you have finalized (by adding, and removing some), then you choose to finalize it. Now let’s take a look at both the methods.

1] Directly Save all Tabs as Bookmarks in Edge

save all Tabs as Bookmarks in Edge

Once you are sure the number of opened tabs should be bookmarked or added to favorites, right click on any of tab, and select “Add tabs to Favorites“.

Using these steps, all the opened tabs in Microsoft Edge can be added to the Favorites list or bookmarked in one go

If you want to see all the favorites again, just press Ctrl+I.

All your favorites will be available into one single folder which has the current date. You can now right click and choose open all.

2] Save All Tabs in Aside as Bookmarks in Edge

While it is easy to save all Tabs as Bookmarks in Edge with the above method,  you don’t want to create a messed up list of everything. This is where Edge Set Tabs Aside feature comes into play.

Open the Aside section, and locate the set of tabs you want to add to favorites.

Right next to Restore tabs, click on the three dots, and click on Add tabs to favorites.

Set as Favorites from Aside Edge

This will be added in a folder with the current date. Later you can choose to open all just like in the above section.

I like the second method of adding tabs to favorites unless I am in a hurry. This makes it easy to remove added tabs, and they also have a preview.

This post will show you how to save all open Tabs or Pages as Bookmarks or Favorites in Chrome, Firefox, IE.

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