Resize Desktop icons or Change Explorer View type quickly in Windows 10/8/7

The list of Windows shortcuts is long! It never seems to end. Whenever you feel you know all the Windows shortcuts, another just comes along to prove the notion wrong. Here’s another quick tip that will help you quickly resize explorer icons or change the View type in a folder. It is a mouse-keyboard combination for resizing icons on the desktop or changing the View type in Explorer window.

Change Explorer View type

Resize Explorer icons

In Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista explorer, you can use the Views button on the toolbar to change the View type between List, Content, Details, Tiles, etc, and to change the size of icons, from small to extra large, by clicking on the specified options.

If you use a scroll mouse, you can hold down the Ctrl key and use your mouse scroll wheel to change the View type.

Resize Explorer icons on desktop

On the Windows desktop, if you use a scroll mouse, you can simply hold down the Ctrl key and use your mouse scroll wheel to resize the icons from small to Extra large.

A tiny but useful tip for Windows users!

If you are a Windows 8.1 user, these Tips To Use The Mouse are sure to interest you.

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  1. Simon Tony Haslwanter

    Hi, is it also possible somehow to change the distance between the Desktop Icons :)!?

  2. Simon Tony Haslwanter

    Thanks, but I can’t find the Advanced Apperances in Windows 8.1 🙂

  3. You will have to tweak the registry as mentioned there. I have mentioned there: “Microsoft removed these settings because they primarily affected the
    Classic themes, and since Windows 8 did not support Classic themes,
    these were not of much use now. All themes are now based on Visual

  4. Simon Tony Haslwanter

    Okay thanks, sorry that I heaven’t read it properly 🙂

  5. Andrea Stevens

    You sir, are the BOMB! I have been trying to enlarge my desktop icons for years! I mean beyond the sizing options in “settings”. OMG!!! I am sooo happy, thank you!!!

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