How to add Reset Chromium browser settings

We already know how we can Reset Internet Explorer settings. Firefox users have had a reset Firefox feature available in their browser for over a year now. The Chromium browser was missing this feature. Chromium is the open source web browser project from which Google Chrome draws its source code. The shortcoming however has now been overcome. Chromium received an update, where a profile reset feature has been added by Google.

Reset Chromium browser settings

The feature will allow Chromium users to reset their browser to the “factory settings.” That means with this feature at hand (Reset profile settings), a user will have a chance of reverting any changes made to their browser by him or by any type of malware infection.

Reset Chromium browser settings

You can select to reset the following profile settings:

  • Default search engine
  • Homepage
  • Content settings
  • Cookies and site data
  • Extensions, new tab page and themes

Please be sure about the changes to be made. Once you hit the ‘Reset’ button the action will reset all data including modifications that you may have made to the browser.

Adding Reset Feature to Chromium

At first, download the Chromium build from here. Extract contents from zip file to a folder and run Chrome icon to launch Chromium.

Next, enable the flag chrome://flags/#enable-reset-profile-settings and hit the “Relaunch now’ button.

reset setting

Finally, open chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings and there you are with reset feature enabled.

reset enabled

Additionally, you can open the browser’s settings page – chrome://settings/, click on show advanced settings. The reset button can be seen there. A restart is not required for this purpose.

reset enabled 2

In my honest opinion, addition of the Reset feature is the right step taken by the developers to provide users with an option to restore the browser in its virgin form if it becomes too messy. The best part is you do not have to install or uninstall anything, manually!

Source – Google Plus.

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