RegRun Reanimator analyzes Malware and removes it case by case

The meteoric rise in Malware is something that we simply cannot ignore. The Ransomware industry is looming large and along with other types of Malware, the cyber attacks are being carried out. It’s not just the large organizations that are being targeted but also the individual users. While there is no dearth of malware removal tools, we decide to take a look at RegRun Reanimator, a tool that promises to remove malware remotely.

RegRun Reanimator review

RegRun Reanimator

RegRun Reanimator is completely free of cost and it has a very comprehensive diagnostic system at place. The program will create a log which will then be sent to the Greatis Support Team for analysis and after this user will receive a Regrun file that will execute the malware removal.


Thankfully RegRun Reanimator supports almost all the Windows version and the best part is that this program will work in conjunction with your existing anti-virus or anti-malware program. Since most of us prefer to have the malware removed alongside anti-virus RegRun Reanimator seems to be one of the best options.

The installation process in itself is devoid of any complex steps and the user also doesn’t need to restart the system. Once the installation finished the program fired up all by itself and also did a check if any updates are available.

UI and Features

The UI is simplistic and well laid out the best part is that all of the information is visible in a single window thus eliminating the need to dive in for advanced options.

RegRun Reanimator is designed to scan for malware including Rootkits, Trojans and all other types of malware, and send the report for manual scan and analysis. The program will also enforce certain preventive measures like disabling Autorun on all the drives including the USB.

All you need to do is run the tool and upload the log file. The log file is analyzed by the developers. Finally, you need to execute the RNR file which not only removes the malware but also restores the function and protection by making use of Partizan, another tool by Greatis software. Well, this is the remote thing Greatis talks about, the Greatis team manually analysis each of the report before sending you the RNR file and this is why they claim to remove the “malware remotely” The good part is that support team doesn’t need to connect to your PC and will just need the report to troubleshoot.

One qualm I had with the Reanimator is that the Update prompts were sporadic and I wish there was a feature to customize the update timing or switch on only manual updates.

Like some other similar other malware removal tools, RegRun Reanimator throws up false positives and for beginners, this can be quite confusing. However, the program comes with an “I’m not sure. I Need help” option that will send the suspicious file to VirusTotal for subsequent scan and results. If you need a removal for persistent malware then RegRun is a formidable choice. Download it here.

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  1. Alberto Gorin

    i download it so let try

  2. Ch(A)osproduction Limited

    You might mention that this is a light version of UnHackMe from the same vendor..
    Its not free but a 30 day trial is available and much more effective..

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