How to recover deleted emails from Windows Live Hotmail


  1. can you get deleted mails from last year back? Have tried everything. Don’t seem to have the link in my deleted box toeven try. Any suggestions as to why I don’t have this link?

  2. I followed the link at the bottom to Ask a Hotmail expert and it directed me to They charge $38.00 per answer?? Are you kidding? Can I just get a free answer from a real hotmail person, not an person??

  3. I think you might have clicked on some ad, it doesnt redirect to etc.
    Please open the ‘Deleted’ Folder, by clicking on the ‘Deleted’ from left pane. There you’ll see the link –
    “Lost a message? When you recover deleted messages, we bring back as many as we can. Learn more”
    Click on the ‘Recover deleted Message’

    If the link is not available for you then you might have disabled the feature as shown above,
    BTW are you still getting Hotmail or upgraded to

  4. I deleted a message on the 23/9/2013 and did the recover on the deleted messages page and onces even prior the that message came back, but the one I am looking for I cannot find anywere! Is there any other way of retreiving this?

  5. Sorry, I dont think there’s any way. Even Microsoft can only recover the emails that are available in the server.And they can retrieve emails not older than 5 days. ANd since you have already tried, means there are no messages for recovery. This feature says: “Outlook will recover as many messages as possible and put them in your Deleted folder. If you don’t see the deleted messages that you wanted, it means they are permanently lost.”

  6. I have windows 8 and can not navigate or find anything. I have just deleted all of my Hotmail messages and can see them in my deleted. How do I put them back into my inbox? 2nd question is once they are there, how can I delete them by choosing which ones I want to delete in multiples? I have thousands. Thanks

  7. This reply is for web based ( .
    Go to the Deleted folder, click on ‘View All’ from top to select everything from that page or click on ‘Select Everything’ from bottom after you select ‘View All’ to select all . Now right click on any message and click on ‘Move’ from the drop-down Menu. And select from ‘Move these messages’ box ‘Inbox’ and click on ‘Move’ button. Everything will be moved from Deleted to inbox.
    To delete them in multiples you can check whichever you want from check box or you can categories them. Or to delete from a particular address , right click on such a mail , from drop-down, click on ‘For this sender’ > Find email> it will list all from that particular address. And now again you can select all and delete them in one go.
    Or you can make use of’s powerful feature Sweep and schedule clean up features which will automate clean up features and your Inbox will remain clutter free. Please check this for these features –

    As you say ‘I have Windows 8….’ so did you meant Mail app ? If yes please let me know if any doubt. In mail app too, you can go to ‘Deleted’ folder, (If not visible, click on ‘Folder’) select ‘All’ from top and at bottom you get app bar , from there select ‘Move’. Similarly if you select a mail,or right click in Mail app, you get app bar at bottom with ‘Sweep’ option , clicking it will provide further option.
    Be careful with your mails before Mass deleting it.

  8. I’m Vivian. I got a big trouble that keep all of my very inportant things in student email. Now I finished my study and last time my school said I coundnot be able to use it again and the email is deactivedly. Even I did ask the office guy before last semester, he sure I can use it for permanently
    Today 22/1/2014 I could log on but everything are disappear. I’m shocking and don’t know what to do.

    In that email included many very inportant things such as I have been studying oversea for 4 years- Australia. It has alot the australian immgration certifications, stuffs. Pls any one help me.

    Pls email me to my new email

  9. I have folders at the side of my hotmail page which i save emails into i deleted a message from the folder but it is not in the deleted box! Can you help me retrieve it please?

  10. Please help!
    I’ve tried the recover what possible link, I’ve installed the email recover add in. But I’m still missing important deleted emails from approx 8 months ago. Those two options mentioned above bring back emails from more than a year ago, but these emails are still missing… please help!!! What can I do?

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