RAMExpert offers you detailed information about your RAM

There are various tools available to keep tabs on what exactly is going on with your Windows PC. A lot of them are heavy programs that monitor each and every activity happening on your computer, consuming considerable about of power in itself.

RAMExpert is a simple RAM information application. Unlike other power hogging trackers it launches fairly quickly and leaves a little footprint on your device’s performance. But unlike those heavy activity trackers, RAMExpert offers a limited amount of options for a system information utility.


Once you have downloaded RAMExpert, the installation process is fairly simple. Just accept the Terms & Conditions, hit next a couple of times and you’ve got RAMExpert up and running on your system.


While there are other ways to get information about your RAM, RAMExpert is a really lightweight easy-to-use freeware app. The interface is simple, every option available is presented on just one screen.

The main area is divided into two parts. From the General area you can see how many slots of RAM your machine has, what amount of RAM you currently have and the maximum amount of RAM or Random Access Memory your machine supports. There is also an always updated RAM counter for your machine. It will show you the used and total RAM you have in real time.

The second half is distributed into four segments that offer a detailed view of the RAM you have installed in each slot. From here you can view the slot’s name, the current capacity and its type.

If RAMExpert has details of your RAM enlisted, you will also see information about the manufacturer, the model and its serial number (which was not the case for me).

If you have an empty slot of RAM on your machine, RAMExpert will prompt you to buy more RAM. When you click on the option, it simply searches Amazon.com for some. A bit more custom approach, with regards to your machine and configuration would have been more helpful.


RAMExpert is a small, simple and fast RAM information tool and just that. Its a great way to get more details of your RAM and its consumption, but you should not expect anything more.

You can download RAMExpert from here. Make sure you download the Lite version from its download page, as it does not include any 3rd-party offers.┬áVisit the website’s general download page and scroll down to RAMExpert. Here you will see different options. Clicking the big “Download” button will download the installer which contains Sponsors. The good thing is that you can also download a Zip file or a ‘Lite’ installer that does not contain any sponsors whatsoever.

You may also want to check out these system utilities like OCCT or the built-in System Information tool in Windows or dxdiag & CPU-Z.

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