Quick Startup: Free Startup Manager for Windows PC

The boot time of your PC depends upon, amongst other things, the number of programs enabled in the startup. If you don’t know, many programs. driver and applications start loading when you turn on your Windows PC.

The most common solution PC users find here is to disable the services from Startup, but delaying them is another good option. You can also go to the Sevices Manager of your PC and disable the services you are not using – but you need to know what you are doing! To manage start up programs, you can use the Task Manager in Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 to disable them, while Windows 7 users can use the built-in System Configuration Utility. But at times, using a good startup manager can help you disable startup programs, remove or delay Startup programs easily, de and make your Windows PC boot faster and perform smoother.

Quick Startup from Glarysoft is one of the good startup managers which can manage your startup order and avoid the delays. It can configure your startup well and improve the Windows boot time significantly.

Glarysoft Quick Startup

Quick Startup is a nice and simple program with a very user-friendly interface and the main overview displays all. It displays all the Startup programs, scheduled tasks, plugins, application services and Windows services that start running when you turn your computer on.Quick Startup You just have to select the program and you can disable it from the startup or delay it. When you select a program, Quick Startup shows its usefulness, ratings, and its status. You can also see how many people recommend to disable, enable of delay the startup program. If you find any entry which is no longer in use, you can delete it from the list just by clicking on the Delete button below. quickstartup 4

Similarly, if you want to add a new program in the list, you have to click on Add program button, name the application, write the path of the program and select the location and click on OK. quickstartup 5

You can save your startup details just in a single click. Click on File > Export and you can save the details on your system as a txt. file. The program allows you to leave your feedback about any program just by clicking on Comment in the right panel of the program. It will open a new windows where you can leave your comment about the program, rate it and also add the resource link for more information if you want to. quickstartup 2

If you want to check the properties of any program before delaying or disabling it from your startup, click on the properties icon in the small tool ribbon below or can go via View > Properties in the ribbon on the top. This window shows the detailed properties of a program. quickstartup 3

Quick Startup supports many languages and you can select your language from the Help tab. Also, you can select the program to get automatic updates or keep it manual. The Help Contents button under Help tab takes you to the knowledge base of Glarysoft, the developer.

Overall, Quick Startup is a nice and useful program which helps you monitoring the programs and applications that start running as soon as you turn your PC on. It lets you manage the Startup easily and make your PC work faster and smoother.

You can download this free startup manager from here.

There several good other freeware like WinPatrol, CCleaner, MSConfig Cleanup Tool, Malwarebytes StartUpLITE, Autoruns, Startup Sentinel, etc, that can help you disable or remove you startup programs easily, thereby making Windows start faster. Let us know which one is your favorite.

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  1. DutchPete

    There is a good standalone program called Autoruns (developed by Systernals), and which has many other features to manage apps.

  2. Alberto Gorin

    to throw mi self in to this I have old Portable Ncleaner have also a disable function

  3. ethan

    Sysinternals Autoruns is the most complete IMHO

  4. jorge correa

    Have any of you tried SOLUTO??? I have been using it for over 2 years with excellent results….

  5. clayto

    I use Glary QuickStartUp and (for this purpose) the less thorough CCleaner. Glary has been reporting that my StartUp is slow so I have been disabling / delaying quite a lot of programs / processes. So far it does not seem to have much effect, in fact my Tablet has got a bit slower — just under 2 minutes at present. I would like to deal with more programs / processes but even with the help of the Glary utility I do not feel able to decide which are safe to select. Can anyone suggest how a none-techie can approach this?

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