Quick Startup: Free Startup Manager for Windows PC


  1. There is a good standalone program called Autoruns (developed by Systernals), and which has many other features to manage apps.

  2. to throw mi self in to this I have old Portable Ncleaner have also a disable function

  3. Have any of you tried SOLUTO??? I have been using it for over 2 years with excellent results….

  4. I use Glary QuickStartUp and (for this purpose) the less thorough CCleaner. Glary has been reporting that my StartUp is slow so I have been disabling / delaying quite a lot of programs / processes. So far it does not seem to have much effect, in fact my Tablet has got a bit slower — just under 2 minutes at present. I would like to deal with more programs / processes but even with the help of the Glary utility I do not feel able to decide which are safe to select. Can anyone suggest how a none-techie can approach this?

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