Privacy Settings in Edge browser on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser that comes with Windows 10 out of the box. After Internet Explorer, Microsoft now appears to be pretty bullish about this browser and claims it to be clean, lightweight, fast and responsive. In this post we will learn about the privacy settings available in Microsoft Edge browser.

Privacy Settings in Microsoft Edge browser

Clear browsing history in Edge

Like any other web browser, Edge has this option to delete browsing history, Cookies, etc, via Edge browser settings.

Click on the three dots ‘More actions’ on the top right corner of your Edge web browser and go in Settings. Scroll down and you will see the option of Clear Browsing Data. From here you can select what all you want to delete. clear browsing history in edge

Manage Your Saved Passwordssaved passwords edge

From the Settings option, go to the Advanced Settings. Under the Privacy and Services section, you will see ‘Manage saved passwords’ from where you can view and manage all your passwords saved on Edge browser.

Cookies cookies settings in Microsoft edge

You can choose if you want to block all cookies, block third party cookies or don’t want to block cookies at all. Under the Cookies section of Advanced Settings, you can choose your desired option and configure how Edge treats Cookies. You can also select if you want the websites to save protected media licenses on your device or not.

The media license settings works when you download any type of media from Edge browser. Turning ON, Let sites save protected Media Licenses on my device, allows media websites to saved DRM data on your device and turning it OFF prevents the media licenses from being saved. You may not be allowed to obtain the protected media through Microsoft Edge if your licences (along with your unique ID) are not saved in your device.

Page Predictions and Smart Screen Filter

Page Predictions is a feature where Microsoft Edge predicts and suggests you the websites on the basis of your browsing history. This feature is turned ON by default and probably sends all your browsing history to Microsoft. Switch it OFF if you don’t really want Microsoft to check your browsing history.
smartscreen in edge

Smart Screen Filter is a feature setting in Microsoft Edge where you allow your browser to block the malicious URLs and contents automatically. You can turn the Smart Screen Filter on and the browser will block all the malicious URLs and also lets you know every time a webpage is blocked. Smart Screen redirects you to the Microsoft webpage whenever you visit a malicious URL. The feature is disabled by default.

To turn the Smart Screen Filter ON, go to Advanced settings and under Privacy and services, turn ON the tab saying “Help protect me from malicious sites and downloads with SmartScreen Filter”. 

Save Entries

Microsoft Edge has a feature somewhat similar to Autofill in other browsers, and it is named as Save Entries. If you want Microsoft to remember all your personal details you enter in the forms, you need to turn ON this option.

Go to Advanced settings and under Privacy and services you can turn ON or Off the Save Form Entries settings.

Cortana settings

Scroll down and you can adjust the settings for Track Requests and Cortana on your Microsoft Edge browser. Here you can select whether or not you want to Cortana to assist you in Microsoft Edge. If you have you have correctly set up Cortana in Windows 10, you can enable and use Cortana integration in Edge browser.

Cortana, powered by Bing, is built directly into Windows 10. If you have privacy concerns, it is best to disable Cortana in Edge.

Search Provider

Bing is the search provider by default in Microsoft Edge but you can change the Edge default search provider it if you want. Under the Privacy and Service section of Advaced Settings, you can adjust the settings from tab ‘Search in the address bar with’. Click on the drop-down option and select Add New. Add the desired search provider from here and set it as default. search provider in MS edge

While the default web browser with Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge, it still allows you to open a webpage with IE directly. With any webpage open, click on the three dots on the top right corner and select ‘Open with Internet Explorer. Edge will directly open that webpage with IE.IE settings in Edge

InPrivate Window

If you don’t want Microsoft Edge to save your cookies, browsing history or data in your PC you can open any webpage in InPrivate Window. This is similar to something we call Incognito mode in other browsers.

These were some important privacy settings in Microsoft Edge you might want to learn about. Do let us know if we missed something or if you want us to add something.

IE user? See how you can harden Internet Explorer Privacy Settings.

This post will familiarize you with some cool Edge browser tips and tricks.

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