Windows does not allow you to print more than 15 files

In Windows 10/8/7, when it comes to the printing of more than 15 files at once, you may find that you cannot print more than 15 files at a time. Windows is configured to open, edit and print 15 files at maximum by default. So eventually, if you are trying to cross this limit, Windows will stop you. Obviously, the restriction is because the operation performed on more than 15 selection will draw too much performance power from the system; which could affect the system’s stability.

But if you have a qualified processor of high configuration on which you have the full confidence that it could do the same operation after breaking the restricted limit, you can make Windows operate the same operation on more than 15 selections. You can use the same trick which we use to fix the issue when Context Menu items are missing or shortened when more than 15 files are selected.

Print more than 15 files at a time in Windows 10

1. Press Windows Key + R combination, type put Regedt32.exe in Run dialog box and hit Enter to open the Registry Editor.

2. Navigate here:



3. In the right pane of this location, look for DWORD MultipleInvokePromptMinimum, it will have Value data as 15 by default. If you do not find the DWORD there, create it manually using right-click -> New -> DWORD Value. Name the DWORD name exactly as we have mentioned because it is case sensitive. Now double click on the same DWORD to get this:


4. In the above pane, put the Value data as 16 and then select the Base type as Decimal so that your entered 16 would become 22. Click OK. You may now close the Registry Editor and reboot.

After restarting the machine, you’ll be able to print more the 15 files easily at one time.

In case you do not know, this post will show you how to Print a list of Files in a Folder.

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An Electrical Engineer by profession, Kapil is a Microsoft MVP and a Microsoft Content Creator. Please read the entire post & the comments first & create a system restore point before making any changes to your system.


  1. Anonymous

    That allows you to print 16 files, not really that higher than 15. If you really want context menu verbs to not be restricted, raise the decimal value to 1000 or 2000. The KB article is wrong. It mentions 16 means unlimited. Nope 16 means 16.

  2. ^^ 16 is interpreted as “Unlimited” according to this:

    However, we should increase the decimal to that number of files which we really need to print 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Like I said, that KB article is wrong 🙂 It merely lets you select 16 files.

  4. guest

    Nope you’re wrong. 16 is not a hard number, you can print unlimited number of files.


    You’re right.

  6. Haider

    Hey KapilArya .. is there any to restrict user from taking multiple prints from same Tab (Internet Explorer) ? any thing ??

  7. Glib

    Windows 10 now honours the actual number; if you put 16, no more than 16 will open (though it will LOOK like it will).

    I changed mine to HEX 100 and haven’t seen a limit yet (again, Windows 10 professional).

  8. ^^ Thanks for your reply, haven’t checked it on Windows 10. Will check and revert back to you!

  9. gzegzula

    It works!!!

  10. Cairene

    “No, it is not possible.”
    This is the MS tech agent’s comment in a conversation on the same issue 🙁

  11. Gena M

    W10 appears to have a different registry structure.

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