Prevent users from shutting down or restarting Windows computer


  1. One big step you need to take is make sure the tower is out of users reach also. We (company) had to have this option on some PCs. Well one IT person didn’t “hide” the tower, and the user not being able to find the “restart” simply pulled the power cord, and plugged it back in to “restart” it. Ugh.

  2. Mate I accidentally removed users from the list and now the shut down button has been removed from all accounts
    How do I undo that?

  3. FYI, even when you do all this, guest accounts can still shutdown/restart by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and accessing the Power icon in the latest build of Windows 10.

  4. “Double click on it > Select Users > Apply/OK.” There’s a “click remove” step you are missing in there before “Apply/OK” otherwise you’re not actually changing anything

  5. there is NO group policy object in mmc in every windows version. please. add that missing information to the post.

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