Plex Media Server: Create A Local & Online Media Server

Plex Media Server is a free and open-source media center software that lets you easily create a local or an internet media server, onto which you can stream almost anything. This easy to operate software allows you to stream pictures, movies, videos, songs or any other media on your own self-hosted server. The installation is very easy, and you don’t feel like you are setting up a server which is a very tough job, it is a simple installation with all the steps and instructions provided along.

Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server

Plex automatically hosts its files onto the server created by it on the 32400 port. You can easily manage your server from your local network address. You can add as many channels to your server; there are lots of channels available that you can install on your server. You can even create a media library from the media files available on your computer. There are five types of media files that Plex Media Server allows streaming on your server: Movies, Music, TV Shows, Photos and Home Movies.

You can also extend your content and your server to the web by joining the My Plex Community and sharing your content to other My Plex users. Plex has an amazing responsive UI that can be loaded on various devices of various platforms. The UI is completely customizable; a user can customize the server’s looks, appearance, and skins.

Plex Media Center

The inbuilt web scrapping function automatically fetches the information about the media from websites such as iMDB,. etc. You can further extend the functionality of the media server by downloading the Plugins available on the internet. Plugins are generally coded in Python and XML.

Plex is a multi-platform application. It is also available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone. The mobile applications also allow to remotely manage a Plex server via the internet.

Plex is a complete media solution for everyone. You can create a media server with ease, and you can easily stream your media content on the internet or in your local network. Plex also helps you to extend your TV’s functionality by allowing server streams on a TV. Forked from XMBC Media Center, this free software has lots of features that help you share any media among people.

Plex has just updated and launched a dedicated version of Plex Media Center for Windows 8 devices – and also updated its web client, media center, and media server.

Click here to download Plex Media Server.

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  1. L3Nix

    Will this stream to a xbox360? I have a basic setup using Win7 as my server while using Windows Media Player to stream my movies and music. So far the streaming to my 360 is ok most of the time but struggles on higher quality movies, I then down grade the movie so it will stream without stuttering. Would plex be a better solution?

  2. Greg Partlow

    I have issues myself using what you’ve described. depending on the encoding of the video I have to switch to either media center or ‘system video player’ it’s annoying. media center will play it but it will be incredibly blocky, so then over to system video player. if system video player shows an empty folder than over to media center.

    what i’m curious is if it will stream to a roku. have 3 of them in the house and 1.5TB of media that can only be streamed to the xbox or to pc’s..

  3. Randy X

    Plex have an official app in the Roku Channel Store.
    I use it all the time.
    Best app ever for the Roku!!details/13535/plex

  4. Greg Partlow

    excellent, downloading now. now I just have to fill up the rest of this 3TB HD.. though, I hope it streams properly with all the different video formats.

  5. is this the same as windows media player

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