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Microsoft Phone Companion app in Windows 10

Microsoft has introduced Phone Companion App in Windows 10. This Microsoft  Phone Companion app is directly built into Windows 10 to help smartphone users to directly sync up content between their PC and mobile phone. It does not just work on Windows Phone devices, but also on Android, iPhone and iPad devices.

Microsoft  Phone Companion app in Windows 10

Microsoft’s Phone Companion app for Windows 10, allows its users access content from whatever device they choose (tablet, smartphone), and also give them access to Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant.

The Phone Companion app on Windows 10 PCs will help you setup a Windows phone, Android phone or iPhone to ensure your key Windows experiences – your photos, your music, your docs – move effortlessly wherever you go.

The app will comes integrated in Windows 10, so you can launch it directly from the Start Menu.Simply search for Phone Companion from the taskbar search and click on the result.

On launch, the app will ask you which smartphone you own, and after a few setup steps for Android and iOS devices, the app will be ready to coordinate with your own smartphone.For a Windows Phone, there are no extra steps to be followed.

Following the setup you will be able to:

1. View photos captured with your Windows Phone, Android or iOS device directly on your PC
2. Listen to your favorite songs stored anywhere via OneDrive (entire playlist is available no matter where you travel)
3. Access OneNote content and other apps like Skype
4. Work in Office.

All the app requires a user to do is install the relevant apps on device(s) of his choosing.

The smartphone is becoming a more powerful device with each passing year and apps such as these will only help make Windows a perfect pair and the others as just a great match. The app is also available here in the Windows Store.

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