Disable Low Disk Space Message in Windows 10/8/7

At times you may get a Low Disk Space message or notification or warning popup from the right side of your Windows taskbar – You are running very low on disk space on disk. To free space on this drive by […]

Google decides to promote Google Accounts

Looks like Google has now decided to pro-actively promote Google Accounts. It has created a new web page that explains why you should use one and what all you can do with it.

Top 10 Windows Phone 7 apps

The Windows Phone MarketPlace now offers more than 12000 apps and games, which many more appearing every day. Here is our list of 10 most useful Windows Phone 7 apps:

New PC In The House, ad and website from Microsoft

Microsoft recently tweeted about a new ad being released, taking its “I’m a PC’ campaign to the next level. In the TV ads, Microsoft target unsuspecting real people by transforming a room in their home into a personal PC store […]

Giveaway: AnyPic Image Resizer Pro

Once again we are pleased to offer a giveaway of 20 free licenses of AnyPic Image Resizer Pro to TWC readers. AnyPic Image Resizer Pro allows you to resize, convert, and add watermark to hundreds of images in batch mode.

Download Games for Windows Software Setup 3.5

Games for Windows Software Setup 3.5 has been released and it is now available for download from the Microsoft Download Center. Games for Windows Marketplace Software Setup 3.5 is the next avatar of the old Games for Windows Live. Games […]

Comic: How to fix any Windows, Mac, Linux computer easily

Time to have a laugh! Check out this amusing comic on how to fix any Windows, Mac, Linux computer. A reboot usually solves most problems in Windows, and a Format definitely does! To solve Linux issues, you are really going […]

C# Tips, Tricks for Beginners eBook released

We are pleased to release an eBook on C# Tips, Tricks for Beginners. Using this free resource, you can learn the basics of C sharp programming, tips, tricks tutorials the easy way. C# Tips, Tricks for Beginners eBook The contents […]