How to open specific Websites in multiple Tabs automatically on Browser startup

Most of us regularly follow a few websites and we visit them every time we open the browser. We have to enter the URL of the websites every time in the browser or click on their links if they are displayed on the Favorites bar. In this article, we will show you how you open specific websites automatically, in multiple tabs, every time you launch your web browser – be it Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Open Specific websites in multiple Tabs

As an example, I will take TheWindowsClub and Wikipedia. So every time I open the browser, I would like these sites to open automatically when I start the browser.

Open multiple Tabs in Chrome on launch

Open the Chrome browser and visit websites which you want to automatically open on the browser startup. Now, click on the menu icon on the right side and choose “Settings”.

Open Specific websites in multiple Tabs

Now, the Settings tab gets opened and under ‘On startup’ select the radio button ‘Open a specific page or set of pages’ and click on the link “Set pages”.

open specific website in chrome

Click the button “Use current pages” in the “Startup pages” dialog box.

use current pages in chrome

You can see that all websites which were already opened in tabs, other than the Settings tab get added to the ‘Startup pages” dialog box. If you want to add another website, which was not currently opened, then manually add the website URL in the ‘Add a new page’ text box and hit Enter. Next, click “Ok” once you have added the required website URLs.

add websites to startup in chrome

To remove the added website from the startup dialog box, hover the mouse on the URL and click on the “X” mark shown on the right side.

Open specific websites in Microsoft Edge browser

If you open specific websites on the start of Microsoft Edge browser, click on the Menu icon (3 dots) in the top right corner of the browser and select “Settings”.

settings in edge browser

From the drop down “Open Microsoft Edge with” choose the option “A specific page or pages” and it will show you ‘Enter a URL’ textbox with a Save button beside it.

open specific website in edge browser

Enter the URL of one website in ‘Enter a URL’ textbox and click on the Save icon. You will see the website being added along with “Add new page” link below it. If you want to add more websites, then click on the link “Add new page” link.

add new webpage to startup in edge browser

To edit or remove the added websites, then hover the mouse on the URL and click on edit icon or close icon respectively.

remove website from startup in edge browser

If you want your previous web pages to automatically get opened when you start the Edge browser, then choose “Previous pages” from the drop down “Open Microsoft Edge with” link.

Open specific websites in Firefox on every startup

Open Firefox web browser and open websites which you want to open on browser startup, in separate tabs. Now, click on the Menu icon present on the top right corner of the website and choose ‘Options’.

open options in firefox

Make sure that the ‘General’ tab is selected and select the option ‘Show my home page’ from the ‘When Firefox starts’ drop down.

Now, click on the button ‘Use Current Pages’ present below ‘Home Page’ text box and you will see that all opened websites get added to the ‘Home Page’ box separated by a vertical line.

use current pages in firefox

If you want to add another URL which was not opened in the browser, then add it manually separated by a vertical line.

add websites to startup in firefox

To remove any specific URL, then select the URL the vertical line to the left or right from the ‘Home Page’ text box and delete the selection.

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Open specific web pages in Internet Explorer automatically

Open Internet Explorer and on separate tabs open the websites which you want them to open automatically on the launch of Internet Explorer. Click on the gear icon in the top-right corner of the browser and select “Internet Options”.

internet options in internet explorerinternet options in internet explorer

In “Internet Options” dialog box, click on “Use current’ button under ‘Home page’ section and you will see URLs of the opened websites get added line by line. If you want to add more URLs you can add them manually in new lines.

specific websites in internet explorer

Make sure that the radio button ‘Start with home page’ under ‘Startup’ section is selected. Click on “Apply’ and “OK”.

To remove a particular website, just delete that entry from the list.

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