How to get the old look Windows Defender back on Windows 10 v1703


  1. Was looking for something like this but on my gig it doesn’t work – get a white mostly blank interface with the message “not responding”. Tried multiple times but no go – any ideas why or to a possible fix? Thanks!

  2. I uninstalled my third party AV before I installed 1703, because I think Windows Defender is more than adequate now. Plus it offers some out right block settings for smart screen and some white list options under App settings (install from Windows store only)

    But yeah the security center interface could not be more boring.

    Is there any functional interference by using the old UI?

  3. It works for the most part, but I’m completely unable to view the history. As soon as I select “Quarantined items, Allowed items, or All detected items” and click “View details” it gives me an error that reads “Error loading type library/DLL.”
    Is there any way to fix this?? Being able to view the history easily is one of my main reasons for wanting the old version back.

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