Monitor your Internet connection and block malware with NxFilter

Looking for a good enough Web Filter and DNS tool? Then NxFilter might just be the thing for you. This free software also allows for monitoring Internet on your home network with ease. To make things even better, the tool is capable of blocking Botnet and malware using DNS inspection.

Yes, many of the new routers incorporate an ability to protect against incoming attacks via a firewall, among other things. However, these filters are generally limited, and thus, are not good enough for extreme cases, which is why a tool designed for these type of things are needed. The freeware even provides a complete log of everything that passes through the browser, which may come in handy should an attack occur.


NxFilter review

As soon we got NxFilter installed, up and running, we could access its primary user interface via all web browser’s we’ve tested it with. The web browser user interface allowed us to monitor our web activity in real-time, and we found it kind of cool. At the end of the day, though, we just wished didn’t have to use the web browser to gain access to what NxFilter has to offer.


We could also make a variety of configurations with this app by playing around with the buttons at the top of the user interface. Depending on the alert, we can set the app to send automatic e-mails and certain intervals. This is a great feature because it could alert users whenever someone is attempting to attack the network, or even the computer itself.

There’s a history section here, and it gives us the ability to view web pages visited by anyone on the network. This should be great for parents who want to monitor what their children are doing online. After all, no parent want their child to venture through the many dark areas of the Internet.

It didn’t take long for us to block certain websites that are known for malware, and ones we suspect. The app can also block programs that use DNS, so already we can say it is multipurpose and excellent at everything it sets out to do.

Overall, we are very pleased with NxFilter since using it for the past couple of days. We should point out that Java is required for the app to work. Furthermore, the username and password to log-in to the service is, “admin” and “admin”.

Download NxFilter from the official website right here.

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