NSA PRISM and ICMS: Did Uncle Sam Create a Big Brother?


  1. Great article, Arun – you article is well-written and factual.

    In the US, our basic civil liberties are now compromised. Although some people here just don’t care, I for one am now very suspicious of the US government; more than ever before. Time and again, they do these types of things that end up causing distrust from their own citizens along with trusted friends in other countries. I understand that we live in an era of paranoia, but don’t compromise privacy for security. Our founding fathers declared independence from oppression. Our lawmakers seem to forget that and focus on controlling the general population.

    Don’t be surprised if there’s a massive technology backlash from this event. People here are talking about dumping their s smart technologies out of pure distrust of Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others. You can’t track anything if people stop using the technology. Think about it…

  2. I think the terrorist have already won they have taken our privacy and freedom. What else is it to loose but life itself.

  3. Thank you, John. I too heard people are dumping some sites they fear are giving away information. I also have a positive outlook about technology emerging that can strengthen our privacy on and off the Internet. But it is just a hunch.

  4. Well said, Alfred. I guess you are true. They have indeed succeeded in bringing in these things. Am also worried about misuse of the surveillance. Hope something emerges to put us at a better place.

  5. Bruce Schneier has often used this analogy re governments which boil the sea looking for the head of a pin, whatever the noble pursuit: “Something must be done…THIS is something…it MUST be done!”. But at this point massive government data mining HAS to primarily be for a purpose(s) other than to look like it’s doing “something” to keep people safe, as it expands despite the ease so many terrorists (e.g., Boston Marathon), berserkers (North Albany, Oregon attempted high school bomber), and malware/other criminals have in such otherwise suffocating absence of privacy. That is, it seems massive data mining does “something” pleasing to governments, but the drive of such pleasure seems somehow not tethered to protecting economic or physical security of the general public.

  6. I have not trusted either the government [here in UK] nor in USA for a long time. They [along
    with others] use terrorism as an excuse. The fact that I am sitting here in the UK and that everything I do on-line or phone [both land-line and mobile] is monitored by both the UK and an outside [non UK] agency is in itself an act of terrorism.

    “ANYONE” who deliberately snoops on another country is guilty of spying. Will any country openly accuse the USA of this? No.

    Over the past year there has been multiple instances where this [so called] search for terrorist activity has failed. The USA [as has the UK] has been caught out over this but just how many countries also have their own equivalent of this type of program?

    No matter what we [the public] think this will continue and become even more invasive. I take my hat of to Snowden over his decision to go public with this. On the radio a short while ago it was announced that he is to face criminal charges. Are the various governments [the prime minister and presiden tfor example, as they are ultimately responsible for the actions of their government departments] also going to be charged with criminal behaviour? I think not.

    China [for example] is accused of using the internet to spy on other countries. Is this not the exact same as the USA & the UK [as well as others] doing? I think this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

    It is my opinion that this will be the last straw and over the next couple of years more and more companies will relocate outside of the USA because of this.

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