Novabench is a comprehensive Benchmark Software for Windows 10/8/7

After using Microsoft products for more than a decade, I can safely vouch for Windows as one of the most comprehensive operating systems. The Windows operating system may have its own quirks, but at the same time, it is also known for its great features. Novabench is a benchmark software for Microsoft Windows devices. With this software, one will be able to test the computer’s processor, memory, hard drive and performance of the graphics unit.

Novabench Benchmark Software

Novabench Benchmarking Software

Benchmarks are often used to test a wide array of electronic devices including smartphones and laptops. That apart the benchmark software can also be used to test the health of the hardware and check if it is performing as intended. Usually, the benchmark programs will run a handful of tests and rank the hardware accordingly. The benchmarks can also be spread over different categories like the gaming performance, web-browsing performance or even HD video playback. I used the Novabench, and the results have been pretty satisfying.

How to install and use Novabench

Novabench is available in both free version and a Pro version. We tested out the free version and found it to be satisfactory for personal use. The installer file for the Novabench is around 100MB, and the installation is straightforward. Firing up the benchmark process is pretty simple too, and the whole process took very little time. Users can also choose to run individual tests instead of running all the tests.

Once the benchmark is over, the software displays the score for all the hardware components. I personally liked the simplistic way in which the scores were displayed. If you are an advanced user you can also click on show details, link to access multiple scores like the one for disk read and write performance. Needless to say, the Novabench saves all of the results, and this can be accessed anytime. Users can also rename the benchmark, and the score can be used as their reference.

On a separate note, I will recommend users to save their work on Chrome browser, and any other program that is running since the software needs to close all the programs before running the benchmark tests. Also please note that the Novabench is not a stress or stability tester and thus cannot harm your system.

How to use the Novabench results

Well, the result not only tells the story of the health of your computer but also shows you how much the hardware has aged due to usage. Novabench also offers an option to compare your results with others online. This can be done by creating an account on the website, or you can also compare the results anonymously. Novabench also compares the hardware based on their model number.

Meanwhile, users can also re-run the individual tests from the benchmark results. The comparison of the results shows the performance in percentage, and this should be sufficient for most of the use cases. That being said Gamers might be better off using benchmark software like 3D Mark instead of Novabench.

Why use benchmarking software

Many of us don’t see the need to use a free benchmark software for Windows machines. Well, the answer is simple, to know the performance of your hardware. As with any other components, the hardware performance will also gradually decrease with prolonged usage, and this is something you can check by using Novabench. Remember how Microsoft was earlier accused of throttling Surface laptop performance? Well, it is things like this that you can uncover using benchmarks.

Another strong use case is to verify the specifications of your new components. Some of us prefer building PC rigs, and benchmark test is a good way to check whether or not the performance of a particular component matches to its specifications.

You can download the free version of Novabench from its homepage.

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