Nomacs: Image Viewer with amazing features

Nomacs is a free and open source image viewer that lets you view images in all common formats including RAW and some other not so common formats as well. You can even undertake light editing with this software. It features an intelligent synchronization engine that lets you sync images and their changes over LAN, it even allows you to send images to other clients over LAN. It can even read images form zip files and documents.

Nomacs review

Nomacs review

For direct opening of files, you can choose Nomacs as your default image viewer. It supports all common image formats including JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, GIF, ICO, PSD and many other.

As I already mentioned, you can carry out very basic editing with Nomacs. You can rotate, crop, resize and flip the image. Moreover, you can try the Auto-Adjustment feature to automatically adjust the colors, brightness and contrast in images. The program can even normalize an image and also invert the colors. Nomacs can set an image as wallpaper if you want.

The Frameless mode lets you view images in a different way. Basically, it hides the window and the toolbars, but only displays the picture which looks really beautiful. The program has a fast thumbnail preview feature, so that you can go through all the images easily and without wasting much time.

The slideshow feature is really amazing, go to the full screen mode and hit the play button in the centre and a slideshow will start displaying one by one all the images present in a directory, you can click the forward button to display the next image and back button to display the previous image.

There are several panels that you can enable. The File Explorer Panel lets you open images from the program itself without using the ‘Browse’ function. Metadata lets you view essential metadata information of the image like, Camera make and model, flash settings, ISO, exposure time, focal length and etc. The Thumbnails panel lets you enable a thumbnail bar that displays all the thumbnails in a directory. The Overview panel lets you easily navigate. File Info panel displays basic information about the file and the Notes panel lets you add notes to an image file.


Overall, Nomacs is a wonderful software with amazing features, which works fine with Windows 8.1 too. The features might seem small, but when they add up they make up a great application. Nomacs has more than all the features that an ideal image viewer should have and comes with a wonderful and easy to use UI.

Click here to download Nomacs.

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  2. Rodolfo

    very useful application is the Nomacs.
    to see different types of picture format.
    and to resize the image.

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