No Audio or Sound when playing games on Xbox One

Since the Xbox One is a video game system, it should then be very clear that sound output is important for gamers to gain the proper experience. That is why it’s a huge problem when an Xbox One console fails to deliver sound because it’s not ideal. The big question right now is whether or not the sound problem can be fixed. The answer to that question is, yes, it can be fixed with a few minutes of your time. Bear in mind that what we’re going to talk about is not able to fix the sound problem if the hardware is damaged.

No Audio or Sound when playing games on Xbox One

Xbox One audio not working

Here are a few things you need to look at if there is no Audio or Sound when playing games on Xbox One:

  1. Check the Volume, etc
  2. Check your TV and HDMI connections
  3. Fix audio problems with apps and games
  4. Troubleshoot around issues with an audio-video receiver

1] Basic solutions

Check if the volume on your television or monitor is not muted or turned down to a level too low to hear. Furthermore, if you’re using an external speaker, check if it’s connected properly, and make sure it’s turned on.

2] Check your TV and HDMI connections

The first thing to do in this situation is to open the guide. Do this by pressing the Xbox button on the controller. Select the options, System > Settings > Display & sound > Video output. The next step, then, is to select Video fidelity & overscan, then seek out the HDMI button and click on it.

3] Fix audio problems with apps and games

OK, so everything is working where audio is concerned, except for apps and games when voice chat is active. The best option to take is to adjust the Chat mixer. We do that by pressing the Xbox button on the controller, then navigate to System > Settings > Display & sound.

After that, the user must now select Volume > Chat mixer, then choose from one of the available options.

4] Troubleshooting sound issues with an audio-video receiver

Some of us tend to connect the Xbox One though an audio receiver that is linked directly to the television or computer monitor. Some times such a contraption might have problems with outputting sound, so in order to set things straight again, the user will need to do a few things.

Here’s the thing, the user must turn on each device in the particular order listed below before moving forward.

  • Television
  • Audio-video receiver
  • Xbox One console

Moving on, it’s time to press the “Input” button on your television or the bundled remote control. The idea is to switch the receiver away from the console and to one of the HDMI ports. After doing such things, restart the audio receiver, then set the television’s connection to HDMI.

Finally, pick up the Xbox One controller and click the Xbox button. Select System > Settings > Display & sound > Video output, then Video fidelity & overscan, and finally, select HDMI from the options available.

Now, after completing these steps, the user must now test to see if audio is being received through the speakers in use. If not, then chances are the problem has much to do with the Xbox One’s hardware, and that could mean having it repaired or the purchasing of a new one entirely.

Let’s hope our tips are good enough because an Xbox One is not cheap, especially if you’re from the X model.

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