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How to mute unwanted Cortana News Sources in Windows 10

The info-hungry digital assistant Cortana reminds you to add reminders for scheduled events in your calendar, make suggestions for searches on the web and more. However, if you find this feature of Cortana more annoying than useful, you can disable them.

Cortana is one of the most visible & useful new features of the Windows 10 OS. But for some reason, if you do not like Cortana making these suggestions, you can mute the Cortana news sources. Microsoft has enabled a feature that allows users to tweak different news services that Cortana offers across various devices.

Mute unwanted Cortana News Sources

Microsoft has a new offering for its US Cortana users which enabled them to mute publications and stop them from displaying in their home page.

To mute the publications open Cortana.

Next, under a particular news category hit the ellipsis button (3 dots), and the Mute site option should be visible to you for each story. Hit the option to stop receiving the news from these sources. See the screenshot below.

Once you chose the option, you can also find a link to undo this action, but it disappears for few seconds time only. so if it misses your sight you can adjust removed sources by editing your Notebook in Cortana.

The feature is currently available to all Builds, Slow, and Fast Rings of the Insider program and including Production and Release Preview, and will soon be available to all. While we have such a feature in place for publications, there appears to be no similar option for MSN News app, which follows the same suit of displaying sites.

Cortana is replete with features. yet, it is designed in such a way that it offers room for some customization and control over the specific sources from where it fetches us news.

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