Monitor your internet connection and websites with OverSite

Your internet connection is important in more ways than one, which means you should monitor it to determine if others are on your network eating up precious bandwidth. With that in mind, we’ve decided to take a close look at a program known as OverSite, and from our test so far, it works quite well in almost all cases. Not only will this tool monitor your network, but it also has the ability to monitor websites as well. Yes, it’s a multipurpose tool with a lot of uses, and as such, we recommend folks to take advantage of what it has to offer.

Monitor internet connection and websites

We can say for certain that this is a great tool for telling if your website or other third-party’s website, has gone down. All website owners will agree that downtime is a major problem, and as such, folks should do whatever it takes to keep it under control.

How to use OverSite for Windows PC

Using this tool is very easy since there’s nothing much to learn. To be completely honest, there are better programs out there, but we like OverSite due to its ease of use and overall simplicity.

1] Add Watcher

Monitor your internet connection and websites with OverSite

OK, so a watcher is basically a list of all the sites you want to monitor. Users can create multiple watchers from what we can tell. They can be used as categories or whatever the user wants them to be.

Now, to create a watcher, click on the Add Watcher button, type the name, add the number of required sites needed, then hit the OK button to move forward.

2] Add Site

After adding a watcher, its now time to add websites. Doing this is very easy and almost the same as adding a watcher. So here’s the thing one needs to click on Add Site to open a small window.

Next step requires the adding of the URL. You see, when adding a URL, it needs to begin with www instead of HTTP or https. Once you’ve added the website, hit the Ping Test button then click on OK.

Do the same for all other websites you want to add, and everything should be quite fine.

3] Settings

There’s not much for users to do where the Settings area is concerned. Folks can change the font size, and disable or enable certain options if they have become too intrusive.

In terms of the history log, well, it is exactly what you expect it to be. It shows a history of everything you’ve done. For example, if the user creates five Watchers and adds 10 websites, the history long will make a note of this.

Logs can be exported by clicking on the button that says “Explore” Log. Clearly, it’s a type because it should have said Export Logs, but we’re not angry.

Download tool from the official website.

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