Mixer is not working on Xbox One? This is how to fix it

When it comes down to streaming video games, most players tend to take advantage of Twitch and YouTube. However, many streamers are turning their focus to Mixer since it’s a growing platform with the potential to become the next big thing. As of right now, Mixer is only available for PC and the Xbox One family of consoles. If you’re using a PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch, then you’ll have to take advantage of certain tricks to get the job done as intended.

Mixer is not working on Xbox One

Now, as we’ve recently come to understand, some users are having problems running Mixer on their Xbox One video game console. An error is popping up telling users that service isn’t working properly, and as such, they must check the Xbox Live service status for a deeper understanding of what’s happening.

These users claim they’ve checked the status and everything is green, which suggests there’s no problem whatsoever. To us, this means the issue lies with the console itself, so we’re going to look into ways things can be rectified once and for all.

Mixer is not working on Xbox One

If Mixer fails to launch on Xbox One here are our suggestions that may help you:

  1. Restart the Mixer app
  2. Restart the Xbox One
  3. Clear Mac address

1] Restart the Mixer app

Any number of things can be the reason behind the Mixer app failing to work as intended on the Xbox One, so one of the best options is to restart the app and then test if things are working as they should.

To restart the app, we suggest locating it on the Home screen, then highlight it using the controller, but don’t select. The next step then is to press the Menu button on the controller, then click on Quit if it’s present. Now, if Quit is not showing, it simply means the app is not running.

2] Restart the Xbox One

OK, so restarting the app didn’t work, which means, it’s time to restart the Xbox One itself. Getting this done is easier than you might think, so follow the instructions, and you’ll become a master at this in no time.

Restarting the device requires the user to open the Guide by pressing the Xbox button on the controller, then navigate to Settings > Restart Console. Press Yes to confirm this action, and from there, just wait until the restart job is complete, then test the Mixer app to figure out if things are back to normal.

Alternatively, you could hold the Xbox power button down for 10 seconds to turn off the console. Finally, wait for up to 15 seconds before turning it on again. Doing this is one of the sure-fire ways to fix most issues with Mixer or any other app.

3] Clear MAC address

Remove your profile on the Xbox One console and then open Settings> ?Network > Network settings > Advanced settings > Alternate MAC address > Clear > Restart.

Then download your Xbox profile and check if that works.

PS: The option to uninstall and reinstall Mixer now no longer exists.

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