How to mirror iPad or iPhone screen to Windows 10

Screen mirroring is a wonderful feature that lets the user enjoy everyday multimedia entertainment on a big screen. Every individual today would like to use a large screen for playing games, showing photos, giving demonstrations and so on. Moreover mirroring your iOS device display on a bigger screen like TV or PC is very useful. The major advantages of screen mirroring are you can easily stream the iOS device content to a laptop. On a related note, it’s extremely useful if you want to present the content in an iOS device to a projector while demonstration and also can be used to record screencasts.

Being an Apple user, you may be familiar with how Airplay media streaming enables to mirror an iPhone to Mac laptop hasslefree. What if you wish to stream content from iOS device to Windows 10 PC? Users cannot mirror iOS device directly to Windows 10 by default since Windows 10 OS doesn’t support Airplay receiver.

In this article, we guide you on how to mirror an iOS device display on Windows PC using a utility called LonelyScreen. To begin with, all you need to have is an Apple device that supports Airplay. Also in order to mirror iOS device display to Window 10, you need to have Airplay receiver on your Windows PC – and LonelyScreen plays a role of Airplay receiver when installed in Windows PC. Once done your PC is Airplay enabled and you are ready to mirror your iOS device screen to Windows PC screen.

Mirror iPhone or iPad screen to Windows 10 PC

You will have to first download and install Lonely Screen executable from This will also install Bonjour software that is essential for AirPlay. We have to mention that LonelyScreen is not free, but offers subscription based plans – so you will have to use the Trial version.

If you get a browser prompt that blocks the installation, just select Private networks and click on Allow access button

Press the Fix it (Administrator) button.

On resolving the issue, you will be able to start mirroring. You can change the name of the server as you desire which will help you to search on Airplay receivers list on your iOS device.

Switch to iPhone or iPad and swipe up from your finger from the base of the device to open  control center

Tap Screen Mirroring/Airplay to Open Screen Mirroring options.

The Screen Mirroring lists the available device for mirroring.

Select your Windows desktop.

Toggle the Mirroring option to ON.

Check the LonelyScreen window on your system which will display your iOS device.

To record the iPhone or iPad display with LonelyScreen, click on the Start recording option at the bottom of the window.

To stop the recording when finished, click on Stop recording button.

Other options:

  • iTools AirPlayer is a free tool that helps you mirror iOS screen to a PC, but it is available in the Chinese language only.
  • You can also use the free TeamViewer to mirror iOS device screens to your PC. You will need to install TeamViewer software on your Windows PC and the TeamViewer Quick Support app from the Apple Store on your iPhone. You will see the screen recording and sharing options under Settings > Control Centre.
  • ApowerManager Phone Manager, Reflector2, and Mirroring360 are other paid tools that allow you to iPhone screen to the PC.

That’s all.

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