How to remove Bonjour from Windows 10


  1. Hi, sorry to be an ignoramus but where is ‘win + r ‘ ? I don’t know how to start on what is recommended.

  2. That file, “mdnsNSP.dll”, does not exist on my system. Yet when I try to install the TiVo desktop application, it says that bonjour is already installed, then when I try to run the TiVo desktop application, it says that the bonjour service is not on my system. All the bonjour files were removed long ago. Do I need to reinstall ITunes so that I can uninstall it?

  3. When I try this it says windows can’t find C:PROGRAM files and won’t do anything. I did the free upgrade from windows 8.1 to 10 and it was so bad I went back to 8.1. Now itunes won’t work and I can’t delete the old version, or Bonjour and I’m stumped. Any suggestions?

  4. I have the same problem. The nice man from Apple spent an hour with me this afternoon, still no joy.

  5. Can anyone help me with my problem. I am having the same issues except for that it is on Windows 10

  6. I did the same thing. Downgraded to Windows 8.1 but then everything was having issues so I went back to Windows 10. Now I’m having issues with Itunes, Bonjour, and Adobe Reader

  7. Same thing happened to me. I uninstalled iTunes to see if it could help me to uninstall Bonjour but it didn’t help me and I’m stuck.

  8. Just sorted this. I’m using Windows 10 too and since updating iTunes last week I’ve had to manually reset my ethernet connection at startup.

    Bonjour removal didn’t work BUT uninstalling iTunes did.
    Step by step. I removed mDNSResponder.exe using the elevated cmd prompt. Then deregistered mdnsNSP.dll. On reboot I couldn’t delete the Bonjour folder (c:Program FilesBonjour). I opened the folder and was unable to manually delete the dll file. It was reported as still open in cryptographic services. I reran the dll deregistration using the elevated cmd prompt and then I was able to delete the dll file and of course, the now empty Bonjour folder. On startup I still had to manually enable the ethernet connection. I then uninstalled iTunes; rebooted and it worked.
    Such a hassle, won’t be using iTunes anytime soon, leave it for the kids.

  9. You may need to put quotes around the paths because on most systems, “Program Files” has a space in it. The commands that worked for me (Windows 10 Pro) were:

    “%PROGRAMFILES%BonjourmDNSResponder.exe” -remove

    regsvr32 /u “%PROGRAMFILES%BonjourmdnsNSP.dll”

    Thanks for the original post. Found it after my system crashed on resume from sleep with over 400 Bonjour Service errors logged within a couple of minutes and Bonjour didn’t appear in add/remove programs.

  10. Delighted to contribute. While your instructions were sufficient to get rid of Bonjour, CCleaner noticed some left-over registry entries for Bonjour (installer and firewall). I don’t know if these would be the same for everyone, but here’s what it removed for me (from the .reg files it creates as a backup):

    “C:\Program Files\Bonjour\”=”1”

    “{FE89F1DE-B4AD-4D0F-9885-5EE1466F5120}”=”v2.22|Action=Allow|Active=TRUE|Dir=In|Protocol=17|Profile=Private|App=C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe|Name=Bonjour Service|”

    “{1ADDDECC-5318-4559-830B-EA17A922715E}”=”v2.22|Action=Allow|Active=TRUE|Dir=In|Protocol=6|Profile=Private|App=C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe|Name=Bonjour Service|”

  11. Hi, I am need of help. Read this forum and did everything I could with the suggestions but I still have a problem. I have been trying to use ITunes and upgrade it with not much luck. I believe the problem is Bonjour. I can not delete it from through the Control Panel – Programs and Features. I get an error message that says, The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.” I have been able to delete the bonjour folder and when I do a search I find nothing left of Bonjour or those to files. However, when I try to install/reinstall ITunes, I get an error message stating that the old version of Bonjour can not be uninstalled. I am running Windows 10 on an older computer (5-6 years old). Running 64 bit. Anyone have any answers for this before I do something like a system restore? Thanks in Advance!!

  12. Go to the folder where mDNSResponder is. Inside the Bonjour folder probably but can be different depending what application installed it.
    Shift + Rightclick in a blank space inside the folder
    Open prompt here…
    Type: mDNSResponder.exe -remove

    Press WINDOWS+R write regedit
    Press CTRL+F search for bonjour and delete all results

    Reboot and delete the folder.

  13. anyone one know how to block bonjour from installing in the first place? every time itunes updates I have to remove it again, and at no point has removing it cause any issues.

  14. Nothing above works. I got it in C:Program Files (x86)BlizzardBonjour ServicemDNSResponder.exe. I tryed different commands/paths and still no luck. Any suggestions ?

  15. Thank you for that. I removed Bonjour via Control Panel. I noticed my computer was making a lot of noise–hard drives running, and when I checked processes, it was the only software running in background. After removing Bonjour, there was only the sound of my fan. Easy fix, but it surly does not make sense that Apple installs a program that only uses resources with nothing to control. Go figure. 🙂

  16. Hi, I noticed this bonjour file on my computer after I bought it from Bestbuy. When I try to uninstall it it tries to install it instead how crazy is that? The prompt screen instead of removing the product ; tells me I need to close google chrome in order to continue with the install which doesn’t make sense.

  17. issue> Bomjour is installed on C:Programfiles (x86) tried to do with that route as well and not deleting the .dll

  18. On elevated CMD this command “”%PROGRAMFILES%BonjourmDNSResponder.exe” -remove” must do as follows: cd C: Program Files (x86) /enter
    from C: Program Files (x86) .. cd Bonjour /enter
    from C: Program Files (x86) Bonjour insert “mDNSResponder.exe” -remove” and enter
    the second command line is not working so just reboot and delete the Bonhour folder from C: Program Files (x86)

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